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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The journey continues...

Okay so largely writing for my own records at this point.

My last post was on the 5th September, wherein I state that for the novella, I had 8-13k to go with 14 days remaining. Bags of time, right? Wrong. Good job I checked the submission guidelines as I had the date wrong from the start. I only had 10 days to finish the thing, rewrite, edit, beta read, edit again and prepare to submit.

But only 8k to go? Shouldn't take long. I always over shoot. I think the first draft was 30k and I trimmed back to 29k.

Throw in my partner needing emergency dental surgery and then having a bad reaction to the antibiotics that week and you get a while lotta stress.

The novella sped to completion on Saturday, leaving me with little more than a day to get all the other stuff done. I edited all day Sunday and prepared my submission package on the Monday (ahhh, a synopsis to a book is a cheat code to a game). And off it went! Out through the digital doorway. Now comes the month of nail biting.

I dare say it will be a rejection. I'm a natural born pessimist so any acceptances come as a bonus. I'm looking to keep the blog posts following the novella's journey going, just to see, and record, where it ends up. Will it be published? Or simply end up as another virtual dusty file on my laptop?

Time will tell.

In other news...wait. There is no other news. This last book is all I've been doing of late. After writing the cover letter and sending last night, I finally had some time away and continued with the longest game ever, GTA4. I swear, Dark Souls didn't take this long.

Ah well. Sure there shall be some fun posts on the way, with darts finals, the Veruca Salt tour and my citizenship ceremony on the horizon. Maybe I'll even have time to get back to one of my other books inbetween.

Current condition: Tired yet restless. Been up since 4am after bad dreams.
Word Count: 29k. Final!
Words to go: None!
Days left: Done!
Opinion of book quality: I like it, actually. I hope the editor does too!

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Friday, September 05, 2014

Things happened!

Yes! Things have happened over the last couple of weeks which is why I haven't been regularly posting. That changes now (temporarily as this is going to be about 30 seconds long until tonight when I have more time).

For those chasing my non-Nano-(up yours NANO!)-deadline-self-motivation-need-to-get-it-done novella, here's the update. As deadline is approaching, think I can start including time left.

Current condition: Getting on with it.
Word Count: 17k? Holy shit.
Words to go: 8-13k.
Days left: 14.
Opinion of book quality: Word coming easily. Is that a good thing? Also, concerns over rewriting, editing, polishing, beta reading time that will be remaining.

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