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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday (bloody Sunday)

After yesterday's misadventures, I had aimed to hit the manuscript hard and fast today. I left it at a convenient place to hit the ground running.

First obstacle was the all you can eat breakfast buffet at The Shamrock. Now I'd promised the kids this, so we went and really enjoyed it. I drank my body weight in coffee and my daughter ate so many plates of beans that we threatened to make her stand in the garden for the rest of the day until nature had run its course.

Home to write...right?

My partner needed to go shopping and had planned to take all the kids with her, so there you go, guaranteed writing time. Problem was that the kids said they didn't want to go. I mean, the baby can't talk, but if he could, I'm sure he too would have pleaded his case. Until then, the bub had to go shopping.

That's how we learn how to talk. We learn to say we don't want to go shopping.

My two eldest were out and about with the Greenbushes kids like a bunch from an Australian Lord of the Flies. Going from house to house, with me, left-at-home-dad trying to keep track of their movements, the kids are now a step closer to being chipped. Sure there must be an app out there to monitor their comings and goings.

Next kid down wanted to play more Skylanders...as promised.

Writer tip: To ensure your manuscript is completed, never make promises to your kids. You might think they won't remember, but they will. Every. Fucking. Time.

But hell, I always want to spend more one on one time with him. Parents with four kids and beyond will appreciate how rare one on one days can become. So we played more Skylanders (and this 33 year old's prowess with Skystones gained a four year old's respect) and then, after chocolate sandwiches, decided to watch Thor.

20 minutes in:

By Odin's beard, he didn't last long. My grumpy face is due to right arm being trapped and numb.

So what's the point of my overly explanatory post? I didn't get any writing done? As a writer plagued by procrastination I used my family as an excuse not to do it?


The point is that I sat my arse down and squeezed out another 1000 words just before bed, and I despise writing in the evening (one of my many Aspie traits. Damn this routine!). If I can do it, so should you.

ARSE! DOWN! WORDS! (Don't rearrange that. ... I said don't!)

Current condition: Very hot next to this fire and for some reason my knee hurts.
Word count: 6.1K.
Opinion of book quality: Too much dialogue in last part. Needs more arty padding.

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