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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Okay...so I lied.

In the earlier blog post, I claimed that the new manuscript was at 5k words. It wasn't. I just assumed that it WOULD be at 5k words when I was done for that session...which was called off.

For those involved...yes.

My lawn looks fantastic, I have three meals cooked for the week ahead, I copped an aaaaaargh injury chopping wood (for details you need me on FB), I read some Feast for Crows (or as I call, 2nd grade characters drinking wine and talking), and also played some Skylanders Giants with the second youngest, favourite character being Wrecking Ball.

Anyhoo,  finally got to writing. Here's me writing:

Nom nom nom. Lovely fucking beer.

Just before friends came in and a blues band started to play.

So to clear the conscience, the manuscript is 5100 words long, but at least, in a fit of mutual sympathy for other artists, I managed to jump on stage and play some drums!

Current condition: fed and drank...somewhat guilty and wishing for the UK beer prices.
Word count: 5.1K. (honestly!)
Opinion of book quality: Could almost certainly be shit.

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