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Saturday, August 16, 2014


The deadline (which sounds like a zombie novel set on a train. Ian Woodhead can have that gold title, gratis) is something I don't usually have to deal with but at the moment, there is a project I want to be a part of. This requires a novella to be written in a month.

It is a common complaint amongst both established and aspiring writers that there is simply not enough time in the day to get the desired word counts down. Sure we have things like NaNo for motivation (which I have never liked. If you want to be a writer, you can't go all out for one month in the year and potter around for the other eleven. I also hate the 'it doesn't matter if it's shit just get it down' attitude) but usually a writer's role is solitary, and we have to find the drive within ourselves to find the time.

Those who know me well enough in real life and social media are probably aware of my situation. I have a full time job at an Australian bank, a wonderful partner and four hungry mouths to feed (one of them an 8 month old no less!). Time and money are commodities that are constantly in short supply. I don't have the luxury to spend the day tinkering with this novella, nor be able to afford the time away from the soul destroying day job.

So time needs to be found! Time to prioritise. But then...

No one is depending on this novella. If I don't write it and just continue chipping away at my ongoing projects, the only person that misses out at this stage is me...and I guess the characters who want their story written. Publication is not a guarantee!

My family need me. My work...okay, I don't think they exactly need me but still expect me to show up. So what am I to do? Give it up due to lack of time? Or, you know, FIND THE TIME?

So after a million years of not using this blog (no one reads it anyway) I'm going to keep a sporadic journal of how this novella is going.

My method at this point is...4.30am starts. That's right folks. That allows me to do my daily admin (emails, lack of Amazon reviews anger, clips of people falling over on YouTube and twenty minutes choosing music for the morning) and get a couple of hours down.

I've done this since Tuesday (Thursday off as I had a late night previous) and the manuscript is 5k over the start line. Not a fantastic rate, I grant you, but I've had to do a buttload of research as I go, which always slows me down.

How am I feeling at this point? Not bad actually. There have been moments of feeling dead tired (Woodhead, seriously, I'm a title gold mine). The weekends you would think are a great time to get words down, but I want to mow my lawns and watch Thor with the fam. Is this unprofessional? Hell no. It's being human. Being Dad. 

Okay, so there's the start of my shitty journal.

Current condition: hungry and full of caffeine.
Word count: 5K.
Opinion of book quality: Undecided. Could be shit.

Of course, any motivational comment will greatly aid the output! Really, don't hold back...

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