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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The greatest Xbox 360 games/franchises ever...by me

In my ecology class in uni back in 2001, we had to create a plant key for identification purposes. We went out, did the work and wrote up our projects. Most of us lost marks with the title. See, we called it PLANT KEY, not PLANT KEY ON PLANTS AROUND EDGE HILL, which was the university. Had to be specific.

But I learned things at uni, including the accuracy of a title. See, these are the greatest Xbox 360 games/franchises ever...by me. So it can't be wrong.


13 games that sucked away my time and took away my attention from my job, my writing and my family. Great games! In no particular order...

Red Dead Redemption

Beautiful vistas...and shooting people in the face.
My favourite game of all time and the reason I own a farm. I say farm, I mean five chickens! Great story, mechanics and so so good!

Dark Souls

"You're not very good at this game are you?" my mum. Seriously.

And she was stood in the way of the TV. Anyway, Dark Souls 1 and 2. I don't care what your FIFA ranking is. Show me the DS double, pussy.
Mass Effect
Epic. Even the ultra soft core sci fi sex.

Yes there was the ending, but you can't judge 24+ hours of intense play and many climaxes by the last few seconds. Just ask any lady I've made love to.

I'm sorry. My eyes just came on your shoes.
Bioshock is wet and dark and grim and awesome. Bioshock 2 is...alright. Bioshock Infinite is generation defining. When the 360 appeared ready for the trade in, in blasted Infinite. Didn't like the story? Then get back to the in-depth character development of COD: BO. These guys should be applauded for what they tried to do. Buy this game.
Forza Horizon
I have  sweet ride. The car's not bad either.
I'm not one for driving games since the original Mario Kart on the SNES, but FH brought the rock steady driving mechanics of the franchise with pumping music, an open world and sexy cars. I love this game.
What was that? What the fuck was that? (You'll say)
Early game for the 360, but by far the creepiest I've played on the console. The ONLY game that made me react like those youtube clips of people in the dark losing their shit. Buy decent gaming headphones too.
So you can hear the whispers..
Assassin's Creed
The original hoodies.
Fraught with bad story, unfair missions (why every fucker gets in my way when I'm trying to chase someone...and run! No don't run up the wall and fall down...no don't run up the wall and fall down...oh for fuck's-) and an almost greedy (did I say that?) attitude to the franchise...I still love this series. Even 3. Not so much Black Flag, although it was very pretty on the One. Assassin's Creed 2 though. Now that's a great game.
You're about to become his new meat bicycle.
My partner and I played this game TO DEATH. I 100%'ed the first one, even the collecting missions from the final DLC. Just...just go and play it. Having the best intro music in the gaming world justifies the crazy low prices you pay now for the entire GOTY edition. I hope you like guns.
Dead Space
Fight vaginas in a giant vagina with Aunt Irma.
In this day and age, I find it hard to have time to replay a game. I played the original bad boy through three times. As a horror novelist, I of course want gripping, atmospheric, limb-separating sci fi horror in my console. Those bastards bursting out of the snow in 3? Exploding babies in 2? Sold yet?
Fable 2
And they aren't.
What games should I have left off? What games should I have included? Do you want a dick length comparison with our Gamerscores? Leave a comment, gamers!

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The quicksandy sucking bog of research (how much is too much?)

Write what you know! That's what they say, and that's what I usually do.

Characters in my novels have often had old jobs I've had to endure myself, be it the newbie writer Donald Patterson in Samhane, physics teacher rank Harper in The Collector Book 1: Mana Leak and legal-type Guy from the extremely long at still not even halfway through at 60k words novel, Tainted Nature.

It takes the sting out of research. The level of detailed is there and yet I'm free to just write, write, write and let it flow. Even in my new interlinked fantasy worlds, set a little bit towards medieval times, research is required, but the beauty of it is the originality. It's my world, I can create most details from scratch, such as currency, religion, history, etc. A good personal example of this was in short story Nobody Messes With Venus, published in the Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine Birthday issue. A (maybe) post-apocalyptic bizarre world? That's definitely a clean slate to work on.

However, the current project, the novella in a month one, is my homage to the 80s. Now I was born in 1980, so was there for most of it, however, we're talking a very long time ago, and for the start, I was a baby. Forgive me if I wasn't up to date on the latest hits.
There's things I can remember that I've thrown in, and had lots of fun doing so. Children's parties, with mums fussing over the tape deck. The toy obsession - no iPhones here, just plastic action figures with authentic Kung Fu action. There's VHS. Perms. Dare I say it, people going to clubs in dungarees looking like a rejected member of Bananarama. It's that 80s.
Yet I find my character watching the news. Who read the news on December 21st 1987? Google it! Her son looks out of the window. What was the weather like?
One of my biggest writing disappointments of late was my novelette, God May Pity All Weak Hearts. The story was written after an invite to appear in Joe Mynhardt's book For The Night is Dark.
The story emerged exactly as I wanted it, despite writing in a more classical, diary based style from the turn of the 20th century. I was, and still am, very proud of it.
I just wish it had done a little better for itself, garnering more mention in reviews for the book or even a short story award nod. That's sounds awful and shallow, doesn't it? Hear me out though, it wasn't for myself that I wanted those things but for the story itself.
It had been a hard birth. Never have I researched to such a level. As the protagonist was a real person, I went so far as to find actual letters he'd written just to capture an authentic voice. History was delved, notes taken. Street maps from the Victorian age looked up. It felt like giving your kid the best education money could buy and then having him finish middle of the class.
If you fancy a look yourself, I'll post the link at the end, artwork by the incomparable Greg Chapman.
I noticed I was falling into the same trap with this novella, too much time researching the intimate tiny details and not enough words hitting the page. So I decided to call it off. No more research unless it was crucial to the movement of the plot. The Government cover up of child abuse cases? Important. The price of a pack of cigarettes? Not important.
You know, I've hit my word count targets these last few days too.
How do you handle research? Not enough, too much or make it all up anyway?
Current condition: Optimistic.
Word count: 9K.
Opinion of book quality: Light on horror but ante is about to be well and truly upped.

Amazon US 99c!: http://www.amazon.com/God-May-Pity-Weak-Hearts-ebook/dp/B00J0SDH4E/ref=sr_1_11?ie=UTF8&qid=1408403326&sr=8-11&keywords=daniel+i+Russell

Amazon UK 77p!: http://www.amazon.co.uk/God-May-Pity-Weak-Hearts-ebook/dp/B00J0SDH4E/ref=sr_1_19?ie=UTF8&qid=1408403441&sr=8-19&keywords=daniel+i+Russell

From Australian Shadow Award finalist Daniel I. Russell comes a tale of pure love and darkest night.

July 15th, 1905.

A reserved doctor travels by carriage to his newest abode, 39 Hilldrop Crescent, just off Camden Road. A dark house, a quiet house. Too much room for the doctor and his music hall entertainer wife, Cora.

What follows is one of history's most notorious murder cases.

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Word to your Mother on how to sell a book.

Let's have a lookee at MB on this fine, wet morning:

On Amazon US: http://www.amazon.com/Mothers-Boys-Daniel-I-Russell-ebook/dp/B00IFSE0O6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1408316211&sr=8-1&keywords=daniel+i+Russell

On Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Mothers-Boys-Daniel-I-Russell-ebook/dp/B00IFSE0O6/ref=sr_1_1_bnp_1_kin?ie=UTF8&qid=1408316495&sr=8-1&keywords=daniel+i+Russell

Ah, look at that cover. Tentacle coming out of the pram, blood drifting through the sewer water. Fantastic.

In the middle of the 'writing a novella in a month' project, I also have to sell books. This my latest, from the great guys over at Blood Bound Books. The paperback is a sexy little tease to hold in your hands. If you want one, for FREE, signed, and inclusive of postage (which from Australia means the difference to making my mortgage payment this month), read on.

What makes a book sell? I think it's incredibly obvious yet hard to achieve (unless you have mountains of cash or a likeable personality, of which I have neither). It's allegedly the cover, but I've seen covers that look like clip art projects from when I was in high school, and that was in 1996, that sells. Secondly, the story and quality of writing. Hmm. I'm sure we all have horror stories in relation to that little gem, none of them written by King either.

What makes a book sell is word of mouth and getting it in people's faces. I like getting in people's faces.

Help me get in people's faces!

Due to the current project, blog hits have been on the up this week. All I humbly request is for the Mother's Boys links to be shared all over FB, the Twittersphere (whatever that is) and where ever else. Tag me in there! There's a free hardcopy of the book available to one lucky person and for anyone who wants it, a free spot on this here blog promoting...whatever it is you want. Your book, your band, that second hand Escort your trying to sell (only one previous owner), ANYTHING! It would be fun to try my hand at selling other...items.

Bonus credit to anyone who convinces their mother to buy a copy of Mother's Boys!

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday (bloody Sunday)

After yesterday's misadventures, I had aimed to hit the manuscript hard and fast today. I left it at a convenient place to hit the ground running.

First obstacle was the all you can eat breakfast buffet at The Shamrock. Now I'd promised the kids this, so we went and really enjoyed it. I drank my body weight in coffee and my daughter ate so many plates of beans that we threatened to make her stand in the garden for the rest of the day until nature had run its course.

Home to write...right?

My partner needed to go shopping and had planned to take all the kids with her, so there you go, guaranteed writing time. Problem was that the kids said they didn't want to go. I mean, the baby can't talk, but if he could, I'm sure he too would have pleaded his case. Until then, the bub had to go shopping.

That's how we learn how to talk. We learn to say we don't want to go shopping.

My two eldest were out and about with the Greenbushes kids like a bunch from an Australian Lord of the Flies. Going from house to house, with me, left-at-home-dad trying to keep track of their movements, the kids are now a step closer to being chipped. Sure there must be an app out there to monitor their comings and goings.

Next kid down wanted to play more Skylanders...as promised.

Writer tip: To ensure your manuscript is completed, never make promises to your kids. You might think they won't remember, but they will. Every. Fucking. Time.

But hell, I always want to spend more one on one time with him. Parents with four kids and beyond will appreciate how rare one on one days can become. So we played more Skylanders (and this 33 year old's prowess with Skystones gained a four year old's respect) and then, after chocolate sandwiches, decided to watch Thor.

20 minutes in:

By Odin's beard, he didn't last long. My grumpy face is due to right arm being trapped and numb.

So what's the point of my overly explanatory post? I didn't get any writing done? As a writer plagued by procrastination I used my family as an excuse not to do it?


The point is that I sat my arse down and squeezed out another 1000 words just before bed, and I despise writing in the evening (one of my many Aspie traits. Damn this routine!). If I can do it, so should you.

ARSE! DOWN! WORDS! (Don't rearrange that. ... I said don't!)

Current condition: Very hot next to this fire and for some reason my knee hurts.
Word count: 6.1K.
Opinion of book quality: Too much dialogue in last part. Needs more arty padding.

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Okay...so I lied.

In the earlier blog post, I claimed that the new manuscript was at 5k words. It wasn't. I just assumed that it WOULD be at 5k words when I was done for that session...which was called off.

For those involved...yes.

My lawn looks fantastic, I have three meals cooked for the week ahead, I copped an aaaaaargh injury chopping wood (for details you need me on FB), I read some Feast for Crows (or as I call, 2nd grade characters drinking wine and talking), and also played some Skylanders Giants with the second youngest, favourite character being Wrecking Ball.

Anyhoo,  finally got to writing. Here's me writing:

Nom nom nom. Lovely fucking beer.

Just before friends came in and a blues band started to play.

So to clear the conscience, the manuscript is 5100 words long, but at least, in a fit of mutual sympathy for other artists, I managed to jump on stage and play some drums!

Current condition: fed and drank...somewhat guilty and wishing for the UK beer prices.
Word count: 5.1K. (honestly!)
Opinion of book quality: Could almost certainly be shit.

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The deadline (which sounds like a zombie novel set on a train. Ian Woodhead can have that gold title, gratis) is something I don't usually have to deal with but at the moment, there is a project I want to be a part of. This requires a novella to be written in a month.

It is a common complaint amongst both established and aspiring writers that there is simply not enough time in the day to get the desired word counts down. Sure we have things like NaNo for motivation (which I have never liked. If you want to be a writer, you can't go all out for one month in the year and potter around for the other eleven. I also hate the 'it doesn't matter if it's shit just get it down' attitude) but usually a writer's role is solitary, and we have to find the drive within ourselves to find the time.

Those who know me well enough in real life and social media are probably aware of my situation. I have a full time job at an Australian bank, a wonderful partner and four hungry mouths to feed (one of them an 8 month old no less!). Time and money are commodities that are constantly in short supply. I don't have the luxury to spend the day tinkering with this novella, nor be able to afford the time away from the soul destroying day job.

So time needs to be found! Time to prioritise. But then...

No one is depending on this novella. If I don't write it and just continue chipping away at my ongoing projects, the only person that misses out at this stage is me...and I guess the characters who want their story written. Publication is not a guarantee!

My family need me. My work...okay, I don't think they exactly need me but still expect me to show up. So what am I to do? Give it up due to lack of time? Or, you know, FIND THE TIME?

So after a million years of not using this blog (no one reads it anyway) I'm going to keep a sporadic journal of how this novella is going.

My method at this point is...4.30am starts. That's right folks. That allows me to do my daily admin (emails, lack of Amazon reviews anger, clips of people falling over on YouTube and twenty minutes choosing music for the morning) and get a couple of hours down.

I've done this since Tuesday (Thursday off as I had a late night previous) and the manuscript is 5k over the start line. Not a fantastic rate, I grant you, but I've had to do a buttload of research as I go, which always slows me down.

How am I feeling at this point? Not bad actually. There have been moments of feeling dead tired (Woodhead, seriously, I'm a title gold mine). The weekends you would think are a great time to get words down, but I want to mow my lawns and watch Thor with the fam. Is this unprofessional? Hell no. It's being human. Being Dad. 

Okay, so there's the start of my shitty journal.

Current condition: hungry and full of caffeine.
Word count: 5K.
Opinion of book quality: Undecided. Could be shit.

Of course, any motivational comment will greatly aid the output! Really, don't hold back...

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