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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Now first off I have to admit that this was a Leisure edition of Flesh Gothic. Now I know it's very unfashionable to read Leisure titles since...well, you know...but I still had a stack of them on the TBR pile. Am I going to give up on good books? No Sir! After enjoying many of Lee's books now from Deadite Press, I saved a particularly chunky novel within my dwindling Leisure pile for later. I could wait no longer, and here is my review.

Although if you can get hold of this from a legit publisher wherein the author will get paid, please do. For example, German readers can get this through Festa Verlag.

Hildreth is your typical rich lunatic with a full on kinky sex fetish, so much so, that he buys a porn company, which he sets up in his mansion. While the ultimate acts of degradation take place within the walls, Hildreth has something grander up his sleeve. One night, as the sick frivolity reaches a crescendo, the porn stars and drug addicts are slaughtered mid orgy.


Some weeks later, Hildreth's ultra rich wife wants answers and pays for a crew of psychics to investigate the terrifying mansion, accompanied by a writer to document the events.

Horrific events took place in that house, but that was just to set things in motion...

Ah yes. We return once again to the tried and tested formula of the haunted mansion. Not that this is a bad thing. I've read many, many haunted house books, including those from Lee's Leisure stablemates Douglas Clegg in his HARROW series, and Graham Masterton does a particularly effective haunted house in the likes of THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT and WALKERS. Can Lee stand out with such successful books from the same publisher?

Lee has a very unique voice in horror, and while not to everyone's taste, I'd go out on a limb and say that Lee is a master of visceral and extreme horror. He goes further than physical torture and depiction. Disgust and sickness without boundaries. That's Edward Lee.

"Yes, Dan," you might be saying, "you might be easily satisfied with gratuity, but I require more with my horror, jerk."

No need to be rude, but I know what you mean. Again, Lee delivers here. The thing I love about his work is that he really does hook you in. I found myself returning to this book at eleven at night when I'd turned in for bed after a tiring day. Why could I not go to sleep without getting a few chapters in? Simple. The secret to good story telling.

I wanted to know what happened next.

So while raping monsters made of fat, vaginal piercing chastity belts and (spoiler) a spirit being inhaled and literally raped out might not have general appeal, if you have the stomach, get on this, and get into Edward Lee. He rips one hell of a yarn.

Ed Lee. Yarns ripped. Names taken. Characters urinated on.

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