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Friday, October 19, 2012

Uppers and Downers

While this post is primarily to share exciting news, I’d first like to… I was going to say apologise, but don’t think that’s the right word. My online presence, and I’d go so far as saying my actual presence, has been erratic of late once again. My condition has been pretty balanced over the recent  years but these last few weeks have been a struggle. While I’ve been trying to deal with things a more natural way (burying myself in the latest novel and doing lots of running, cycling, reading and playing music) this week in particular has been a tough one to ride out. I’m aware that things will swing back but until they do I’m just going to have to keep on keeping on.

There. I feel better getting that out.

Now for the good news.

The main development this week is that the proof copy for my novella Critique arrived on Wednesday. This has been out through Dark Continents Publications as a digital book since January and has since garnered some great reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, and even the almighty Hellnotes. Thank you so so much to readers who have sent me messages about the book. It means a great deal.
The print copy had been discussed for a while and it’s great to finally hold a physical copy in my hands. The book looks fantastic and I’m still proud to say that this is one of my deeper books that has a lot to say.

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This could not have come at a better time, as due to November rolling around once again, it’s almost time for the very successful Blues at Bridgetown music festival, which happens right here at the end of my street! Thousands come to our humble country town during the second weekend in November (and this year it won’t overshadow my birthday!) and enjoy a heady weekend of music , food and drink.

This year, with Critique just out in print and a stack load of The Collector novels on their way from the printer, I’m busting a gut to organise a book signing for the Saturday afternoon. I’ll be set up somewhere (details to follow hopefully) so come and say hello! That is…if you can make it. Hotels are booked up all year round for this massive event.

If you can’t make it and still want a signed copy of Critique, then this might be of interest:

The good folks at Dark Continents Publications and myself currently have an exclusive supply of special edition versions of Critique. These are limited to fifty numbered copies, and customers will receive a signed and personalised dinner invitation (to keep in theme with the book) inside. Again, we only have fifty of these beauties, which  are a mere $6.99 plus postage. Orders MUST be placed  at the Dark Continents website, although the standard edition will be available through most retailers in the coming weeks. If you can’t wait that long, the ebook is available right now.
From the present to the future, and developments are coming along nicely for my third full length novel release, Mother’s Boys, from Blood Bound Books in early 2013.

The line edits have been completed and returned and the next task is to tweak a few story elements and the manuscript will be finalised. Then comes the most exciting – yet anxiety-ridden – part of the publishing process: cover art! Details will be released as they come, and as I can release them!

If you want to sink your teeth into more Blood Bound Books loveliness, might I recommend their forth coming anthology Dead on Arrival 2? This extreme horror book contains tales by such legends as Jack Ketchum, Wrath James White and J. F. Gonzalez…and people who are not legends, like me. The only insight I can give relates to my story Lingers, which follows a lowly telemarketer and his failed relationship with a work colleague. If only he could get some closure and move on…but her damn perfume… The smell won’t leave him alone! For fans of dark humour…and those that like to spot a song lyric!

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The October guest spots are still available, so if you have some horror/supernatural article (reprints welcome!) feel free to send it in and have it appear right here. All inquiries to harlequin-writes@hotmail.co.uk.

Now to watch more people limp past the car. When you get two at once, it’s like a race.

Thanks for stopping by!

Dan (currently at Manjimup Hospital car park)

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