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Saturday, June 30, 2012

My hiatus

Straight off, I’d like to thank those people who noticed my absence over the last few weeks and sent me their kind words. For details I’m about to touch upon, my self-imposed social and internet hiatus has been to take stock and deal with the current goings on in the real world. Even though I quietly slipped out of the back door and didn’t leave with a huge announcement, I was grateful for the friends and readers that contacted me to ensure I hadn’t walked in front of a bus or anything. While our recent issues are family related and private to some degree, I thought it the decent thing to do to explain what’s been going on.

My partner’s mother suffers from a  terminal lung-heart disease. At the time of diagnosis, the doctors assured her that the condition was not hereditary, but events over the last few weeks have proven otherwise. A close family member was diagnosed with the same condition following health problems, and now the doctors are saying that it can and has been passed on. 

My partner has her test for this condition next month, and at this appointment, we’ll be arranging for our three children to be tested also. Until the day, we have no idea how much these tests will cost, but it will probably be several thousand dollars if all four need the full treatment…several thousand dollars a small press writer simply doesn’t have.

I’ve been looking away from the writing (barren of substantial cash!) world over this period and instead looked at additional jobs…which are pretty thin on the ground in such a small town. We could move if I got a decent position elsewhere, but then that’s another load of problems and moving our children away from their family. Might not be the best solution, but at the moment, it’s an option.

So that’s basically it. I thought it better to step away from the internet, rather than discuss and post over the difficult time. It would have been like posting drunk, I guess. Big problems have a tendency to change you while you deal with them.

Why am I back now? Well to tell the truth, I accidentally logged into my deactivated Facebook  account (I was on mental autopilot!) and while we’re anxiously awaiting my partner’s first appointment, things have kind of settled back to normal. Our family member’s specialist eventually found the right combination of medications, so now they’re out of Perth hospital and back home for the moment. The writing world carries on ticking, and some projects now need attention, so until things change (and I possibly vanish again in light of it) it’s time to try and return to regular scheduled programming.

In the next few days I’ll be writing a more writerly blog regarding the latest novel agreement and upcoming short stories. In the meantime, after currently working the time tables for two teachers for the extra cash, I’m returning  to my weekend of tweaking a short story for an extreme horror antho and reading some historical fantasy (you read that last bit right. Like I said, I’ve come out of this a little bit…different). So again thank you for the well wishes and I hope you’ll continue to humour/put up with me during this difficult time.

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