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Monday, November 21, 2011




Mario Fulcinni, young, successful and handsome, has seen it all. In his adult film career, he's tasted more indulgences than a Roman emperor; the women, the parties, the drugs. Hunting for something more, he attends a party on the promise that it will 'change his life... forever'.

Chilled to the bone and in the pouring rain, Mario attends Metus House.

A chubby elderly man in an old, crimson blazer emerges. He is Worth, Mario's guide for the evening.

And the tour begins...

Fall into a twisting nightmare of creatures and contraptions.

Come into Darkness.

So here is the release of the final cover art for the US/English edition of my novella Come Into Darkness from KHP Books. The book was written a good few years ago and the rights were contracted to Jerrod Balzer and SD Hintz at Skullvines Press (now part of KHP). Darkness will be available in digital from all good sellers very, very shortly. I'll post an excerpt once we get a final release date. The German edition will be available through Voodoo Press sometime next year.


And speaking of novellas, there's been some changes to my novella, Critique:

Sandy Devanche is a five star gentleman, but he rarely gives more than three.

As the harshest food critic in the business, he is feared and respected by the top chefs of the city. On a standard assignment, Sandy visits the experimental restaurant The House of Jacob, run by chef extraordinaire, Jacob Enfer.

What Sandy will experience is a journey beyond flavour and texture, a meal that will change his very existence. The worst thing about the food here is the person eating it.

Critique. It's here to make your life better.

I have changed publisher with this novella and it is now due to be released in digital by Dark Continents Publications in the New Year alongside my novel The Collector in print and ebook. This was a hard choice to make. Nothing against the publisher this was due to be released with, but as I have worked with DCP on The Collector and like our relationship, I decided to make the change. Critique, I tale of redemption, secret desires and fine food, has already gone through edits and is now just awaiting a cover. Fantastic news, I hope you agree.


Last week was the Annual General Meeting of the Australian Horror Writers' Association where a new committee is voted in to oversee the running of the company and the various events/projects it's involved in.

It was with great honour that I was given the role of vice-president of the AHWA to work alongside new president Geoff Brown. I hope the AHWA feel they're in a safe pair of hands. Midnight Echo has been going very well (and been a lot of fun to do) and this has given me the confidence to feel I'll be a good VP. Already ideas are being generated between committee members to further increase the standing of our organisation.

If you're living in Australia, New Zealand or Oceania, why not give us a look and consider a membership? Further details are on the site: http://www.australianhorror.com


Some great submissions have been received for issue #7, the taboo issue. Keep them coming! Our guidelines and details to buy a subscription or single issue are found here: http://australianhorror.com/wordpress/ .

(author's note: This blog has now been cut short as my parents have randomly shown up...from England!)

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