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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

More shake ups than a Japanese powerplant...

The currently ever changing book industry has had what might be another shake up with the Amazon group buying Book Depository. Now, I prefer Book Dep as living in Australia, I can get most books (yes, even your random small press book) cheaper and usually faster. I can safely say that we buy about 90% of our books from DP rather than paying for shipping to Australia. In fact, my partner tends to buy them all at once every winter when the 10% discounts are offered and then dishes them out for Birthdays and Christmas and things.

I'll admit, this devlopment worries me. Yes, they have said that Book Dep will continue to run independently of Amazon and that nothing is changing...we've been lied to before. Being in Australia, I can't help but be reminded of Gillard's "There will be no carbon tax" speech. And with its main competition gone (it turns out it was being out-marketed) I can't see why Amazon won't make the move to cut the free shipping and up prices.

Then customers will be more likely to buy ebooks, and following my last post, should Amazon cast its eye of Sauron over to Smashwords...it might as well wear a monocle, top hat and dish out get out of jail cards.

"On its website, the company sought to reassure its customers that its service and range would improve after the acquisition by Amazon.

"The Book Depository and Amazon are aligned in wanting to ensure the best possible experience for customers," the group said. "Working with Amazon we will look to continue to increase our vast selection of great titles and provide even better customer experience."

"With the support of Amazon, we look forward to continuing our growth and providing an ever-improving service for readers globally," Book Depository founder Andrew Crawford said."

That from The Sydney Morning Herald, who go on to say, in regards to Australian book buyers:

"In the week ending December 25, 2010, Amazon garnered 2.23 million hits by Australian users, according to data from web traffic research group Experian Hitwise, while in a separate measure the rapidly growing Book Depository had 149,800 hits in the same period.

‘‘Australian booksellers are already aware that a lot of individual purchases are going overseas,’’ said Tim Coronel, publisher of industry journal Bookseller+Publisher. ‘‘The majority of overseas sales are from Amazon sites and Book Depository, so bringing them together could be potentially a very big deal.

‘‘It could actually make them a major player in the Australian book market without them having a physical presence here.’’"

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