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Friday, April 22, 2011

Swancon, going ginger and digital

So...we're currently packing for Swancon (I say we, Sherie is packing and I'm slacking off to write this obviously). Come the masquerade ball on Saturday night, the theme is retro punk/futurism, so who better to go than my red-haired, bowler hat wearing, dimension traveling man in black? That's right, The Collector shall be visiting Perth tomorrow, thankfully without Montgomery, a Megathon or a single Prowler. In fact, this Collector will probably just be hanging out by the bar...

But alas! Disaster strikes! During the hair dying process to turn my regular and boring very dark brown into a spectacular red, something went wrong. Scottish wrong. This Collector is a ginger counterpart of the fictional character. Nothing against ginger haired people, but this isn't true to the book!

Anyhoo, should you be one of the many, many people attending Swancon this year, I look forward to meeting you. I will have very few (as in three, because Book Dep cocked up) copies of Samhane to sign for $15 if anyone's interested. Samhane and By the Banks of the Nabarra are also up for Tin Duck Awards, so get ticking your ballot papers!

I also intend to buy something Star Wars related for my eldest. Do you think there'll be any Jedi's there? Really? They're currently role playing against the Avatar guys?

The Collector ongoing serial has now had a combined 926 reads and it hasn't even been a month yet, and this is just on Smashwords. They're taking a while to appear on B&N, etc. But thank you everyone who has read and enjoyed books 1-3. Still, the reviews and ratings don't reflect the number of downloads, and I'd love you forever just for a star rating and a word or two.

The Collector series, as well as some of my other free ebooks and Roots for $0.99 and Samhane in full for $2.99, are all available from Smashwords on my author page.

Penny Crescent. One street. Three houses. Three families.

Countless disputes.

Physics teacher Frank Harper educates with his fists behind closed doors. Jenny Dean can barely control her wayward teenage sons, and Eleanor McQuire, the old mystic, is happy with her books and visiting grandson.

For one night, the residents of Penny Crescent must put their differences aside. Death is coming.

Some call him the man in black. Others call him the devil. He is The Collector, and the three families have something he wants…

And he’ll go to any length to get it.

From the author of extreme horror novel Samhane comes a twisted foray into the darkness of the soul and the meaning of life.

Book 1 introduced hundreds of readers to the residents of Penny Crescent. In Book 2, something else has found its way to the quiet English suburb...

The grief and longing of the three women has summoned a force, a brief flash of blue fire at the height of the storm.

Phantom smells at the McGuire house. Glimpses of a little bald girl at The Harpers'. Some overdue discipline for the wayward Dean twins.

And the arrival of a mysterious man in black...

From the acclaimed author of Samhane comes the second book of the ongoing free serial.

The Collector: Book 2.

He's here...

The Collector walks Penny Crescent, intent on recovering the force he calls the mana, but surprises lay in store for the mysterious man in black.

Anne Harper has divorce on her mind after Frank's last violent outburst, Eleanor McGuire believes the spirit of her husband is haunting her and the Dean twins' behaviour continues to deteriorate.

The families won't appreciate an inquisitive stranger...but thankfully The Collector can be quite persuasive.

And if that fails, his creatures can always tear them to pieces.

The Collector: Book 3. A contemporary fantasy.

In other news, after some confusion regarding the formatting of Samhane on Kindle (it really was a mess), I got down to a heavy formatting sesh and sorted the whole thing out. Samhane is now BACK on Kindle and looking great!

Dare you read the book reviews have labeled not for the faint-hearted? Available in digital $2.99 and sexy print $14.99 direct from Amazon Kindle.

Donald Patterson travels to Samhane in pursuit of a sadistic murderer and rapist. Unless Donald reaches Orchard House by midnight, his fiancee will be the star of the next torturous broadcast....

Brian Rathbone and his son are already in Samhane, hired by the mayor. Specialist exterminators, their talents have helped to deal with the 'little problems' that have begun to massacre the residents. But as events take a more sinister turn, Brian wonders about the true reason they are there.... 

Blood and carnage. Pain and suffering. Desire and sweet chaos. 

Welcome to Samhane.

Praise for Samhane

"Russell's debut novel SAMHANE really packs a punch. A thrill ride of visceral horror and suspense that steadily builds to a very satisfying conclusion. I enjoyed the hell out of it!"
Gord Rollo, Author of Valley of The Scarecrow and The Jigsaw Man

"My oh my does it get wet within these pages, dear friends." Shroud Magazine.

"Horror lovers rejoice--you're about to be scared...or scarred. Russell's well-crafted nightmares will haunt you long after you've closed the pages of Samhane!" Fran Friel, Bram Stoker Finalist, author of Mama's Boy and Other Dark Tales

"If you enjoy the odd Richard Laymon outing and don't believe that horror begins and ends with Stephen King than dial in, Daniel I. Russell serves up a blood soaked treat for your consumption." Scaryminds

"Samhane was an excellent read!" Tasmaniac Publications

"I truly lapped this book up" Gingernuts of Horror

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