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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Books and booze

Been a while since I blogged. This is down to the craziness of work. My teaching hours have gone up which meant a whole new science class to teach. This resulted in more time planning and marking and less time writing and blogging. On the plus side, it also means more money, resulting in more books and booze.

Today's purchase was the debut by Chris Bowman, A Life on Fire. Chris and I came into contact when he started reading my books available in digital. His book is now out on preorder with a very tasty and unique offer to make your early buy a true collector's edition. Check out his blog here . I'll be posting more on this book closer to the release date.

It's now the start of week 10 in a very long 12 week term. Not only do I have the Easter holidays to look forward to, but also SWANCON! I'm popping my convention cherry by attending at Swancon in Perth during the holidays to finally meet up with some fellow Australian writers, seeing what weird things I can get my hands on, wining and dining copiously and attending the Tin Duck Awards.

The Tin Duck awards are presented to West Australian speculative authors and I'm ecstatic to say that I've finally made it into an Australian award nomination!

Samhane: nominated in the professional long fiction award.

By the Banks of the Nabarra: nominated in the short fiction award.

If anyone is attending Swancon, or is a supporting member, and would like either of the above as a free ebook or pdf, please give me a shout at danielirussell@necrotictissue.com and we'll talk. Even if you like Fantasy or SF! I'm aware that I'm against the odds, being up against some of the bigger boy publishers with my little small press. But you have to love the underdog, yes?

The ballot form can be found here.

"But hang on, Dan. I'm not going to Swancon. Why can't I have something for free?"

You haven't been neglected, my poor victim of uncertain financial times.

My longer horror/SF/fantasy novel, The Collector, is currently being released as a free online serial over at Smashwords . Part 1 went live Friday before last, and I set myself the rule that Part 2 would NOT be released until Part 1 had reached 200 downloads. I gave myself the ridiculous time frame of 1 week to hit the mark. After 4 days...it looked like it might actually happen.

It didn't (lol!) but we had a bloody good go! The 200 mark was finally passed after 9 days, which I don't see as being too shabby at all. I've had great feedback for Part 1, and Part 2 went live a few hours ago.

If you've missed out, and want a completely FREE serial (I give you my word as a gentleman that the finale won't have a bastard's price tag), then head on over to my SMASHWORDS PAGE, where you will find both parts of The Collector, and my other free ebook, FLUFFS, which is nearly at the 1000 downloads mark. Samhane is also on there for a paltry $2.99.
Penny Crescent. One street. Three houses. Three families.

Countless disputes.

Physics teacher Frank Harper educates with his fists behind closed doors. Jenny Dean can barely control her wayward teenage sons, and Eleanor McQuire, the old mystic, is happy with her books and visiting grandson.

For one night, the residents of Penny Crescent must put their differences aside. Death is coming.

Some call him the man in black. Others call him the devil. He is The Collector, and the three families have something he wants…

And he’ll go to any length to get it.

From the author of extreme horror novel Samhane comes a twisted foray into the darkness of the soul and the meaning of life.

Book 1 introduced hundreds of readers to the residents of Penny Crescent. In Book 2, something else has found its way to the quiet English suburb...

The grief and longing of the three women has summoned a force, a brief flash of blue fire at the height of the storm.

Phantom smells at the McGuire house. Glimpses of a little bald girl at The Harpers'. Some overdue discipline for the wayward Dean twins.

And the arrival of a mysterious man in black...

From the acclaimed author of Samhane comes the second book of the ongoing free serial.

The Collector: Book 2.

In other news, I today completed my nonfic essay on zombie media entitled LOOKING DEATH IN THE FACE: A PERSONAL APOCALYPSE. It was good to stretch the old nonfic wings and writing it was a lot of fun. This is due to be a guest blog for the upcoming anthology The Zombie Feed from Apex. I'll post the link when it goes live.

More great reviews from readers are coming in regarding Samhane. Check out my Goodreads page page. Always nice to know my readers are being entertained. Well done to my German publisher, Michael Preissl, whose artwork for Samhane earned him a nomination in the German Vincent Preis Awards. Nice work, Michael!

And before I go, if you haven't had enough of my inane ramblings, be sure to check out my second interview at the Gingernuts of Horror .

See you soon!


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