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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Don't look back, look forwards (there's an elk behind you anyway)

Happy 2011, folks! I've already made several mistakes regarding the date. I've developed a typing mental block over 2011 and keep typing 2001 (and yes, I had to go back and correct that!), but bear with me.

Rather than list my achievements, highs and lows for 2010 here (and why would I? If you're the interested sort--unlikely--then it's all here in the archives), I'm going to look across the sands of time through 2001, I mean, 2011, and see what's coming...or indeed, what I hope will come.


Yes, yes. Some of you may know that I'm dead against self publishing and I've had many (sometimes ridiculously long) arguments online over it. My stance has changed in the last few months, but (adopt Nazi voice) ONLY EVER SO SLIGHTLY!

In 2011, following the success of chapbook FLUFFS , which has been downloaded close to 1000 times, I aim to release a chapbook or short story every month digitally to read online or via Kindle, etc. This is cover art pending. I don't want to release something that looks like a piece of shit, obviously.

January's release is ROOTS:

It forced a way through the compact darkness, feeling and probing. When it touched upon the flesh, it started to feed.

Richard is on the trail of a spate of missing person cases, unknowing they lie buried in the garden across the street.

It grows in the darkness, a special plant, carrying the memories of the dead. We all have our roots. His might kill you.

I would like to thank Dru Morgan for her excellent cover art, a picture called Re Animate, which is a perfect fit for the story!

Is this self publishing, Mr. Russell? Maybe, but not in the traditional sense.

I will not self publish something (apart from the odd flash fiction on the blog) until it has been traditionally published. Ever. It's my bench mark that the story is a good one. But then...what of the story when it has spent its time in the limelight and I get the rights back?

I do really want to release a collection of my short work in 2011. I have about 100k of short story reprints featured in places such as Pseudopod, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, Midnight Echo, Sick Things, Malpractice, WICKED, etc. Sure, there's been a few feelers put out in the industry and conversations had, but so far, no contract has been signed.

GRATUITOUS BEGGING ALERT! Should anyone know a reputable publisher interest in collections, send them this way... The full TOC and resume are available!

So while the collection is still waiting and I have all these stories sitting around...why not release them? There's life in the nasty critters yet (or death as is the case) so they can earn their keep on my hard drive.

Longer stories will carry a price, always $1, never higher. I intend to give artists exposure and hopefully a little coin from these sales. Anything I do make personally will be going towards postage costs of print copies of Samhane, again, trying to keep the costs down for readers. Daniel I Russell is a nonprofit organisation and an equal opportunities employer.

So far we have FLUFFS for free and ROOTS for $1 over at my Smashwords page. Unsure what to cook up for February. It's early days yet.

This is also somewhat of a marketing experiment. My challenge is this: Can the stories make more money this way than in a digital anthology? Remember that in a digital anthology, you're getting a split royalty. Personally, I'm finding this incredibly interesting, and yes, might sway self publishing a little bit...but only a little bit.

And only for reprints! ><


Mario Fulcinni, young, successful and handsome, has seen it all. In his adult film career he's tasted more indulgences then a Roman emperor, the women, the parties, the drugs. Hunting for something more, he attends a party on the promise it will 'change his life...forever'.

Chilled to the bone and in the pouring rain, Mario attends Metus House.

A chubby elderly man in an old, crimson blazer emerges. He is Worth, Mario's guide for the evening.

And the tour begins...

Fall into a twisting nightmare of creatures and contraptions.

Come into Darkness.

The book should be available in print and in ebook form in the coming months. Can't wait! Available in English from Skullvines Press, and in German from Voodoo Press.


The Goodreads giveaway continues for one of three copies of Samhane:

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Samhane (Paperback) by Daniel I. Russell


by Daniel I. Russell

Giveaway ends January 31, 2011.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win

Only one month to go! It's free to enter, and you never know!

Other hopes for 2011. Don't ask, because I won't tell you, but two of my unpublished novels, Mother's Boys and The Forgotten, are currently under consideration by an amazing publisher. I've worked with this house before and am anxiously waiting their decision. I have oodles of respect for the person in charge and if it's a no, then so be it, but at least I think I'll get a reason. Fingers crossed for the next few months. I'm surprisingly nervous...something I haven't felt in a while over a submission!

I also hope that the readers who buy Samhane enjoy it as much as people seem to so far. The German readers are currently lapping it up!

Besides my standard hopes that my family will remain safe and that work will be tolerable, I think I'm pretty much covered, if the 2001, erm, 2011 fairy of good luck is reading.

Happy New Year!

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