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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

World Blog Tour date 3: North England

Seems that members of the Cult of Zandathru are on my trail, so odd that fate has another kind of Kult in store for me.

With the hire car making an odd ticking sound from underneath (and an even weirder crunching and slobbering from something in the glove box that smelled of ammonia. Who knows what they put in there. It seemed to be feeding on the A to Z of the Midlands, and I was quite content to leave it to its own devices), I decided to take the train up through Birmingham and onto Wigan and Ormskirk. Surely my old haunts would be safe?

In Wigan, the Tudor pub was full of pale, pierced and tattooed weirdies, who glared at me over their snakebite and blacks. Ordinarily, there's nothing abnormal about this, but this WASN'T a Friday night! Concerned, I fled to the bus station and grabbed a 395 to Ormskirk. Things weren't that much better, as this being the town that Samhane is based on, all kinds of freaks were walking the streets. Geoff, the pensioner on roller-blades (I'm not making this up! Research it.) sped away from a ravenous pack of zombies (okay, the zombies I made up, a little), and the Passage to India, rather than serving up fine Indian cuisine, was providing a passage to a fiery hell. It may have been the Vindaloo that caused it: too many finger chillies. It took a team of us, armed with lager, naan breads and toilet paper, to close the flaming gateway.

But for how long?

Needing to rest and stay one step ahead of the followers of Zandathru, I hopped on a train again and arrived at the mecca of trainspotters, Crewe.

Here I was taken in by a decorated fellow who lived beside a cemetery. He knew exactly how I felt, having been on the same journey for longer. He'd just got back from California, where his own creations had literally come to life before his very eyes! The man was Shaun Jeffrey, writer of such esteemed books as The Kult and Deadfall, both from Leucrota Press. As night descended, we shared a drop of the good stuff and discussed this crazy writer journey. Here's what transpired In the Shadows.

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