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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Samhane blog tour date 2 - Southern England

Okay, so this is weird.

After narrowly escaping the clutches of Jim and his Ginger Nuts of horror on the first blog date (see archives), I drove the hell out of Scotland, intending to stop in my home town of Wigan in the north west of England. However, and you know how it goes, I got distracted and made a few wrong turns. Being a man and thus REFUSING to ask for directions, I accidentally ended up in...the deep south, which for England is the posh bit.

Which is kinda convenient, as that was due to be the location of the massive Samhane World Blog Tour second date!

But then things got reeeeally weird. I roll into the blog, being fashionably late and still aching from the long drive, and what am I told? I'm too late. They've already got somebody else.


I thought I'd sit and wait for an hour or two, you know, in case they could fit me in at the end? Hell, most of the time in Scotland was spent tied to a chair, so waiting was no problem. I watched as an immaculately dressed man clutching a laptop went inside. Hmmm. I was SURE I recognised his face.

I snuck closer and listened at the door. It sounded like an infomercial was being recorded. Had I been bumped for a salesman?

It transpired that something a lot dodgier was taking place, and someone was going through a lot of trouble to spread some horrific propaganda about yours truly. Take a look...over at Sarah Master's blog page.

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