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Friday, November 19, 2010

Blog tour date 5: Blame Canada!

After spending the day in temperatures of the high 90s, and once again regretting that I live on a steep hill during the walk home from work, it will be nice to visit some cooler climates.

Unfortunately, eager to hop on my trans-Pacific flight, I forgot to change. I attracted a wary glance from many lumberjacks, mounties and mooses (Meese? Moosi?) as I disembarked in thongs, a wifebeater and a hat with corks on it.

Having successfully stereotyped and insulted two nations in one small paragraph, I headed deeper into Canada (in my opinion the greatest US state). Things are to be expected here. The long cold. Rugged men. The French. It's a melting pot for the weird and violent.

So, on the verge of unconsciousness, exhausted, trudging though the snow with my penis trying to burrow back inside my body like a purple-headed tick, I stumbled to the door of the Man Eating Bookworm. Hmm. Giant worms? Sounds familiar...

The man Eating Bookworm, called Andrew, thankfully was a gallant chap, who invited me in to his warm abode. He had dvds by the million, all horror and (thank Christ) the right region. So we shoved in a copy of JAWS and had a chat over a can of Molston.

See what happened HERE!

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