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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Blog tour 1st stop - Scotland!

On a day like today (when the temperature nearly reach 95 and it's the middle of Spring, mind you), it's nice to travel to cooler climates. So I'm travelling from Perth, Australia to Perth, Scotland...traveling south, past Dundee and Dunfermline...to...

Well, I can't disclose the physical location. There is a strong following of Zandathru God of Chaos here. The inhabitants are known to obliterate creatures, dismember the corpses, grind up the internal organs and stick it in the stomach. After the membranous bag is boiled, the followers then eat it and wash it down with a cold quaff of Tennants Super. Yes, we're in the Highlands now.

Having been knocked out in a dark alleyway, trying to listen to a couple of women converse with their luscious accents, I was clubbed and awoke, dazed and confused, in a pleasant front room. An angry man with a long beard held a poker in the fire, which he then waved threateningly before my face. He had questions...many questions...

Find out what happened at the Gingernuts of Horror!

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