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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Blurbs and news

It's nearly four in the morning. Oh, and that's a Saturday morning. Why am I up so early on my day off? Thank my son, who is one year old on Tuesday. If he isn't shouting or crying, he's kicking the sides of the cot and being a general arse (teething, eh?). But at least I have time to get this blog post and update done. There might not be many zombies in this, despite me feeling like one...


While it may not seem that much has been happening on the Samhane front of late, there's been a lot of behind the scenes stuff going on.

Danny Evarts, of Shroud Magazine and It's Okay to be a Zombie fame (my no zombies thing didn't last long), has been working tirelessly to put the book together. His interior layouts are the best I've ever seen and there is nothing this man cannot do (so I've heard).

He is currently finishing the front and back covers. While the art was completed by uber-artist Patrick McWhorter a few weeks back (see older posts for examples of his work), we're still waiting on a few nice blurbs to slap on there before it all comes together.

This is a perfect example of having been developed as a writer. I know for a fact that several years ago I would have been more impatient and wanted my book out asap. DAMN THE CONSEQUENCES! But now, and after going through this process once with Wild Child Publishing (and there will be more on that later) I don't want to have any regrets. To wait a few weeks here and there to get everything perfect is just fine by me. So happy that Danny, Patrick and especially R. Scott McCoy have been so patient and understanding...especially when I demanded my study to be filled with black roses and any emails to be sprayed with my own personal fragrance (odour l'horreur) before I read them.

Speaking of blurbs, we've received these BEAUTIES:

"Horror lovers rejoice--you're about to be scared...or scarred. Russell's well-crafted nightmares will haunt you long after you've closed the pages of Samhane!" Fran Friel, Bram Stoker Finalist-MAMA'S BOY AND OTHER DARK TALES

"My, oh my does it get wet within these pages, dear friends." Shroud Magazine (taken from their prerelease review which should be out when the cover is done and a release date set)

Glad to see that people are liking what they read!


Yes, yes. The old edition, it seems, is still available despite the rights expiring on the 28th of October. I will be trying to address this later today, so please do not buy the Samhane ebook from Wild Child Publishing, Fictionwise or any other affiliate company. They do not have the rights and I will not see any money from it.


In the run up to release, I will be virtually touring the world via the blogs of other writers/editors/readers. Stops have been confirmed in England, Scotland and Australia. I would really love to visit some German sites, as the German version of Samhane will be going to the printers for the test copies next week.

Should you want me soiling your blog over the next three weeks, please email me at danielirussell@necrotictissue.com.

I will be posting links and dates when I have a list.

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