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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Blog world tour...ish

Here are the dates and locations of my blog world tour for the run up to Samhane release. We shall see it as a 'followers of Zandathru' virtual trip, where I shall be visiting the various chaos cults throughout the world. On the less fictional side, there will also be interviews and single, in depth questions about writing and the publishing industry.

3rd Nov: Ginger Nuts of Horror SCOT
6th Nov: Sarah Masters ENG
10th Nov: TBC ENG
13th Nov: Rebecca Besser USA
17th Nov: S.D. Hintz USA
20th Nov: Louise Bohmer CAN

Dates to be confirmed:

Voodoo Press GER
Stygian Publications USA

For your information, I shall be visualising the little plane on the Street Fighter 2 character select screen as I go from country to country.

Please note that we only have one GERMAN site and no AUSTRALIAN sites. I would love this not to be the case. If you run a site concerned with books, writing or horror and live in these countries (or even if you don't, but especially if you do or any country not mentioned) shoot me an email at danielirussell@necrotictissue.com.

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