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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

A whopping fat dollop of update

Hey guys. Miss me?

I've had time away from the internet due to the house move and trying to transfer the internet from one place to the other. Is it simpler than it appears? I imagine a guy sat at a computer who has to delete your old address, type in the new one and hit apply...yet this takes 2-3 weeks. Perhaps I'm just a little too naive.

I've been able to check my emails at work but that's been about it. The time away from the distractions of Facebook, Mouse Hunt, forums and Youtube has been productive (ish). Okay, nothing new has been written, but the new novella, Critique, has been edited in full. Wonder what readers will think of this deeper, less violent piece. However, dear reader, don't think I'm going soft on you. Critique contains some of the most squeamish scenes I feel I've ever written. Interesting to see what happens with this one over the next few weeks.

Samhane is chugging along nicely. The english version is edited and ready to go, and I had the pleasure of reviewing the preliminary cover artwork by the uber-talented Mr. Patrick McWhorter. The image is suitably bizarre and grotesque! And don't quote me on this, but there may be breasts on there. Maybe.

As for the German version, I heard from my publisher this week and final round edits are currently being done. There's talk of this possibly hitting shelves next month, just in time for Halloween...or Oktoberfest. Samhane is already available for preorder from www.voodoo-press.com and www.amazon.de as well as other German book shops for 14.90 Euros.


The reviews are coming in for Comet Press's extreme creature anthology Sick Things, all linked direct from the publisher's site, www.cometpress.com.


My own personal favourite is from the well-respected horror site www.fatally-yours.com, which states:

"Wow, Sick Things is definitely one deviant, extreme collection of stories! I made the mistake of reading this during my lunch break and it was definitely a challenge to keep my food down! If you can think of the most vile, disgusting thing imaginable, it’s probably in one of the tales of this collection."


"Other favorites of mine included Heat by Daniel I. Russell, about a farmer who is into bestiality that gets more than he bargained for when his wife turns into a werewolf..."

Always warms my black heart to get a mention! Thank you Sarah for the kind words.


More great antho news for the writers and the publisher is that Festive Fear: Global Edition is a sell out! The Christmas themed anthology, due out in October, sold out of the last few preorder copies this week, a whopping 4 months before the release date!

Publisher Stephen Clark is thrilled...and the readers who missed out probably aren't!

Don't say I didn't warn you that this would sell out quick...

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