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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Titles that make no sense, said the pineapple


Things have been to and fro over the last 18 months. Previously, as a relief teacher, there have been long stretches without work, and this has allowed me to concentrate on my writing career. The short story sales came thick and fast, and a new novel and novella were written. The extra time was also handy to settle into the role of a new father.

Now, with being permanent and heading up the science department at the high school, time has just evaporated. Apart from teaching a very full time table (science, phys ed, photography and computer programming) I'm also in the middle of doing the department budget and working on the science/sustainability links. By the time I get home (including the half hour drive) it's about 5pm. After eating and spending time with the kids, I'm kinda beat, and find it hard to get the motivation to sit for further hours in front of the computer to write. My free time has been geared more to reading the recent batch of submissions. As I've said before, if I've agreed to do something for someone else, this always comes before my own writing career.

So this is my official announcement. I'm retiring from writing.

For another week.

For we are now in the month of August! Submissions are closed! In a week some missing teachers (don't worry, they're just on holiday. They're not wandering the bush, cold and hungry, like that idiot, money grabbing cockney boy) will return, easing up my timetable. I may be able to write again. Good news for my readers, as the four of you were getting a bit nervous.

Ah...but will I be writing next week? There's also more news, which I will get too...


Festive Fear: Global Edition, is now officially available for preorder at www.tasmaniacpublications.com:

Gift bearers

Christopher Conlon
Steve Cameron
Paul Kane
Tim Curran
B. Michael Radburn
Ellen Shaw
Wayne C Rogers
Scott Tyson

Matthew R. Davis
Adrian Chamberlin
Daniel I Russell

Alison J Littlewood

Lee Thompson & Tom Piccirilli

Cover art by Daniele Serra

Internal illustrations by Andrew McKiernan

As with as with all releases from Tasmaniac Publications, copies will be limited, this one to 200 copies, and it WILL sell out. Move fast, preorder now. No money down!


With great power comes great responsibility, and with great responsibility (ie, heading up the science dept) comes great financial rewards, and with great financial rewards comes a bigger house.

Yes, it's a sad day for Manji Towers. The towers are due to topple in two weeks. The stonework will crumble, and the moat will boil away. The turrets will become dust to ride the barren winds.

Unfortunately, the dragon that lives in the dungeon is coming with us...and she'll be going to a new school to boot!

We're leaving Manjimup and moving all of 35km up the road to Bridgetown, where I work. Muchos petrol saving, time reclaimed (possibly for writing, eh? Eh?) and a new (and we hope better) school for the children. Our baby is now 9 months old and will finally get his own room. AND I GET MY OFFICE BACK! Never since leaving the UK have I had my own man cave, and it will be nice to have a hole once again I can crawl inside (away from Ice Age 3 which plays on a BASTARD LOOP in this house) to get some words down.

And what's that in the pic? That's the entertainment area out the back. There shall be many beers and barbies consumed out there in the coming months. Plus there's a hammock. A hammock! Imagine lying in there in the school holidays with a coffee and a Leisure paperback. Heaven.

I'll post more pics when we move. The view across the valley is amazing.

Now for another day of boxing, as in putting things in boxes. But with the amount of right hooks thrown by my better half, I'm kinda wondering...


Bah! I've placed the picture in the wrong place, but you'll get the gist.

One of my recent story sales (and they're slowing down because I'm running out! Need to write some more. Think I've got about three decent ideas brewing) has been to an Australian publisher, but this one is a little different.

Devil Dolls and Duplicates in Australian Horror Fiction is a reprint anthology of Australian horror stories with emphasis on dolls, dummies, mannequins and doppelgangers. My story Tricks, Mischief and Mayhem has been selected, and I'm looking forward to this one. As a reprint anthology, some of the stories are going way back, so there will be a good mix of styles.

My story, although technically not seen print yet, was accepted for the German anthology WICKED (as Streiche, Unfug und Chaos) so qualified.

Tricks, Mischief and Mayhem follows a young girl, Serenity, and her new age family as they visit a traveling fairground. Guilted into playing one of the sideshow games, her father wins a giant teddy bear from a suspicious pair of clowns. That night, something will stalk the rooms of their remote house, bring death and pain. But something even worse will be waiting for it...

News to follow on the release date of this one.


Neu in Deuschland, Österreich und der Schweiz! Reservieren Sie sich jetzt schon Ihr Exemplar!

Or, new in Germany, Austria and Switzerland! Reserve your copy now!

As the German edition of Samhane nears completion, it has now sprung up on a lot (we lost count) of German book sites for preorder, notably www.amazon.de. Priced at around 14.90 Euro, the book is now available for preorder.

Okay folks, I'm spent for the week. There will probably be a delay once again in the next blog post, as the next few weeks will be spent doing the usual teacher thing, moving and preparing for the imminent Necrotic Tissue editorial meeting in a few weeks. So have a good one, keep reading and I'll see you in the rubble of Manji Towers!

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