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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Stuff the zombies, it's mums you need to avoid!

As the kids are ruining the viewing pleasure (if there is any to be had) of JAWS 3 by playing with army soldiers very loudly, thought I'd do a blog post. This will, I imagine, be a relatively short one, as not a lot has happened in the writing world since last blog's jam-packed edition.


If this won't be the inspiration for a story, I don't know what will.

My eldest son (six) had his first dental work done this week. He had a filling and an extraction, both with local pain relief administered via the BIGGEST NEEDLE I HAVE EVER SEEN. Yes, the boy screamed, and I can't say I blame him. With the tooth pulling itself, it seemed he had no pain relief and felt every pull and twist.

Ever noticed how easy it seems to pull a tooth out? I'd love to have a go, if I'm honest with you.

Once it was all over, he was fine, laughing and joking with his tormentors and even when the pain relief wore off, he was in good spirits. Straight back to school the next day and he was fine.

With this and the school report he got, the boy has been spoiled this week, and it feels damn good to do it.


Well, it's not, but you'd believe it was.

You know those movies when the world is ending and there's bedlam of people buying supplies and fist fights, etc? Yeah...

Big W has a toy sale, and Sherie and I thought it would be prudent to stock up on xmas presents a little early, while they're cheaper and we have the money, so we went on the first day.

Jesus Christ. Does the word SALE invoke magical powers that strip people (especially mums) of all manners? The store was effectively sealed off by a line for the lay by that was as impenetrable as a German pillar box. Some people had three shopping carts full!

There was a mad rush for things called ZhuZhu pets, which are little guinea pig things. They look more like hamsters, which makes sense as hamsters are banned in Australia. Anyway, we had to effectively queue just to get near the shelves (as our daughter wants them, of course. Still, I'd rather her want them than Whores...oh, I spelled that wrong, I meant Bratz. Oh, I spelled that wrong. What? I didn't? Shit...). When a couple of mums (mums, mums, bloody mums) decided to have a chat and hold up the queue...I think the other mums were building the gallows.

But we got a pink one and a black one. Yay! Just in time for xmas, by which time she'll want something else. Perhaps all new Hooker Barbie? Or the new Hannah Montannah doll, complete with risque photographs and slutty music video?

Yes, I am a bitter old man. I complain when kids TV presenters dress like a cheap stripper, etc. Where did the innocence go?

For the record, if you live in Manjimup and read my blog (and let's face it, after the movie rental store and bottle shop...there's not much else to do) don't tell my daughter what she is getting for xmas. That would be a real jerk off thing to do. ;-)

We also purchased, for the boy, Lego (which so far has lead to him getting a good grade in technology) and yet more Ben 10 gear. Oh, and Mario Galaxy 2. Definitely 'just for him'.


My latest novella, Critique, is now finally finished. Just shy of 40k, it's been put in my virtual desk drawer to ferment before rewrite time.

Interim, well, we're in Necrotic Tissue submission time again. My Lordy, they've been flooding in. We've had about fifty submissions in two days! Makes me very glad that Doug and Jodi are on board. Many hands make light work, and all that.

Just have the editorial to write for the October issue and to give the edited stories another read through, and we're good to go. Be happy to have this issue put to bed and know that I was the head editor and actually got through it! Great feeling.

Sales are again on the up. Should you wish to buy a subscription, visit www.necrotictissue.com.

Here's a little nugget of advice. It's common knowledge to know your market. If you're thinking about submitting to Necrotic Tissue, why not buy a single issue as a taster? There are discounted single issues available from www.bookdepository.com, with free shipping, at around $7.

Sorry this week was a little plain. I didn't even have the motivation to find some pictures. Hopefully things will be better for next time! I'm off to read more submissions.

Enjoy your week!

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