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Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Ditmar awards

Last year I hadn't really been in the country that long to engage in the Ditmar Awards. The Ditmars are one of three big spec-fiction awards in Australia, standing beside the Shadow and the Aurealis Awards.

None of my works are eligible for Ditmar nomination, as, being an honest chap, I will admit that my residency was only granted this year, thus in 2009 my stories don't meet the 'Australianess' rule!

But I'm looking at this on the bright side. I can get involved without any claims of back scratching, etc, involved, like the way some of the Stoker Award nominees are accused of year after year. Instead of canvassing for nominations, I can get down to reading some of peers in Australian horror and finding new authors.

Here's some artists/authors/presses I've been looking into this week:

Shane Jiraiya Cummings

Andrew J McKiernan

G. N. Braun

Marty Young

Stephen Clark at Tasmaniac Publications

Tracie McBride

Pete Kempshall

Morrigan Books

Even if you're not an Australian resident and can't nominate in the Ditmars, follow the links and check these guys out!

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