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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sick, Watch, Pseudopod, agents...and more!

With a lovely roast chicken dinner on the go, I thought it best to remove myself from the theatre of conflict (ie, the kitchen) and do a blog to stop me getting in the way and burning things. Besides, an awful lot has gone on over the last couple of weeks and it’s high time I did an update.


Last blog I mentioned that my nasty-redneck-werewolf-sex story, Heat, had been picked up by Comet Press. I’d been on their short list for their previous dark crime anthology, so being so close yet so far, I wanted to crack them! Thank you to editor Cheryl Mullenax for selecting my grotesque story . And remember...

Ain’t no beast treated better this side the ol’ bridge, yer hear?”

Sick Things is available here
on preorder, ready to ship at the end of the month. Contains stories from Simon Wood, John Shirley, Randy Chandler and Tim Curran.


More anthology news this month is that I’ve been asked to appear in a voyeur themed horror anthology, WATCH, from the newly developed Phoenix Imprint. The editor and myself, as we both count each day on this earth a blessing, what with our deadly partners (his totes a shotgun, mine has lethal sleep Muay Thai), are happy to go along with this, what promises to be a disturbing and perverted collection.

I’ve done my synopsis, and this got a green light from the editor. Just need to sit down and write the thing now. And for my loyal readers, I assure you that I’ve gone with a new voyeuristic angle than the heavy element it plays in Samhane. The cult of Zandathru will NOT be featured, but something equally messed up will be!


This week saw my story, Broken Bough, up at Pseudopod in audio format, available to hear for free here

Never had a story recorded before, and it was fun to listen for the first time. How do you guys find audio stories?

The host at Pseudopod Alasdair Stuart and the voice actor Graeme Dunlop both did sterling jobs. A big thank you to both of them.

The story has actually sparked a bit of debate over at the Pseudopod forums. Is it any good or just a cheap trick? Keen to hear the thoughts of any listeners.

Don’t want to be the pompous writer and go “well actually the reason I did this blah blah blah and that bit there was intentional rah rah rah…”. It’s weird but very, very good to hear what people have to say and the debates certain aspects of the story have started, so I’m going to keep quiet at the forum and continue to enjoy the discussion.

You guys rock…and know your stuff. Thank s to everyone of you, even those that disliked the story. Every comment is taken onboard. As I always say, a writer must constantly learn constantly, and look out for constantly overusing words.

And maybe I should write more seriously from time to time and stop being such an ass clown?


While things never get any better regarding my novels over here in Australia, things are getting better over in continental Europe. Mighty Mighty Torsten Scheib is over the hump in translating Samhane for German readers, with 100 pages of Komm In Die Dunkelheit already done for translation next. Both books are due out from Voodoo Press this year.

In addition, I have also signed with Michael Preissl Literary Agency, joining such fantastic writers as John Shirley and Edward Lee. We hope that the larger publishing houses will welcome English speaking writers and allow us to reach a wider audience of horror lovers.

Now, if only an American agent would be interested… ;-)


My current WIP, Critique, a novella, is very almost finished. The main story is done as of today, with a word count of 33,000. Was struck with a new idea last week so I intend to add a new opening chapter, closing chapter and a few bits in between. Hopefully have that finished by the weekend. The first of July is fast approaching, and that means Necrotic Tissue gets time priority. Be good to get Critique done and dusted and into incubation for July and hitting publishers by August. That’s the plan anyway!

Oh, and speaking of almost done, I’m into the last fifty pages of Let the Right One In. PHENOMENOL BOOK. Will have a review up on Goodreads in a few days, and then it’s onto The Passage.

Right folks, that’s the lot. Should you want updates as it happens, there’s always my writer page on Facebook

Until next time, don’t do anything stupid, like marrying a pillow with a woman’s face on it.

Auf weidersehn!

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