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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Transmorphers, Transformers in disguise (barely) and other news...

It’s quite possibly been the busiest time of my life while here in Australia over the last few weeks, thus the distinct lack of a blog. So now, while the kids watch Transmorphers (No, not Transformers, Transmorphers. How can you get Transformers and Transmorphers mixed up?) thought I’d quickly write one as way of an update.


Ah, this brings back memories. Teaching full time, having evenings taken up by planning lessons and marking. This is on top of finishing a recent Necrotic Tissue reading period. I’ve also been whipping out a few short stories for markets I wanted to submit to (The three newest being The Lady of Potter’s Field, Masks and Ironman). News to follow should these sell, but they’re all ‘out there’ at least.

I’ve had one more acceptance since the last blog post. My werewolf story Heat made it into the Comet Press anthology Sick Things, which is the follow up to the hugely successful Vile Things. No cover as yet (and I love all their covers) but the TOC is available here http://cometpress.us/blog/?p=431. This one is due out at the end of June, so not too long to wait!


For those working in the small press, or follow some of the authors and editors I associate with, the recent reorganizing of publisher Bandersnatch Books came into effect this week. Rich is now heading up the poetry branch of Belfire Press, which is run by Jodi Lee. I wish him every luck in his new position, and hope to see Death in Common and These Apparitions: haunted Reflections of Ezra Pound emerge soon.

Scott Colbert has retained Bandersnatch and plans to release Dead West and fiction from T.M. Wright and K.M Koehler as scheduled. I myself will be lending Scott a hand by doing technical edits towards the end of the year.

And at Necrotic Tissue, it is with a heavy heart that we say a fond farewell to John P. Wilson. John has been a fellow associate editor for about a year now, as well as doing the technical edits and heading up the magazine for the forthcoming July issue. John felt the need to step down following a change in circumstances, and we wish him all the best and hope to see him back in the future.

With the 400-500 submissions we receive a month, obviously just with just R.Scott McCoy and myself reading through them, response times would go downhill. We take great pride in our response time and the personal comments we send to each and every author. Many hands make light work, so with great pleasure (and relief!) we welcome Jodi Lee (yeah, she gets about) and Doug Murano (the writer of NT pro pay story Chums – a story I adored, what with my shark fear!). We’ll see what they’re made of when the subs roll in come July. Just remember you two, the newbies get the first round of drinks in.

And the last submissions period, for me, was the best so far. What makes it better was the kind comments we received following our constructive rejections. One writer was rejected, rewrote the story following our suggestions and then promptly sold it to another magazine. This is what makes it worthwhile. The writer then bought an NT subscription…which was nice!


I get quite a few Facebook friend requests every day, and this has accrued into me having 4000+ contacts. With the limit being 5000 and me still wanting to make new contacts (some random adds have led to work, promotional opportunities and yes, even friendships!) I now have a writer page here http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Daniel-I-Russell/114215538617493. I hope this doesn’t come across as arrogant or hypocritical. I do find it offputting to have people request you to be ‘fans’ of theirs, and I vowed never to do the same, but sometimes, this page mentions the words fans. I don’t like it, but to be honest, it’s simpler than having a second Facebook account. Also, I like to use the discussions page to talk about things horror and publishing related.


My 6 month old baby boy has been ill for the first time ever this week, so we’ve been keeping a close and worried eye on him. His temp reached fever levels, but thankfully eased off before things got too serious. He’s feeling much better now, and has had developed an affinity for mashed bananas, the little monkey!

I’ve been asked at the school to write an article for the local paper following an experiment we did with Year 9. It was fun to turn the kids into heavy smokers by having them breathe through straws and climb hills. Although I didn’t manage to make any of them pass out, I did get a few very red faces and some great photos.

I’m also now known as the gross-out teacher, following lessons on violent physics, dead things in jars and sweating urine. This sits fine with me. This week, we have the digestive system. I can’t make that gross, can I?

And good luck to my two Year 10 classes who have their science exam on Thursday. If they pass, it’s because I’m a great teacher, and if they fail, it’s their fault for not studying enough. Sounds fair.

Transmorphers, as it turns out, is a lot like Transformers. Like I said to Sherie, it’s exactly like Transformers, but without the billion dollar budget and Megan Fox’s butt.

Go and watch Transmorphers.

It’s fucking awfull!

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