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Monday, April 26, 2010

This is the NEWS!

It’s been a long time since the last blog. An increase in work load (in all areas) combined with some time away resulted in less time on the net. We also had disaster strike when the laptop froze and refused to come back on. This meant I’d lost the last few thousand words of the latest novella, the video footage from my eldest’s birthday and had no net access right in the middle of a Necrotic Tissue submissions period…of which I’m the head editor. Shocker!

Retravision wouldn’t give me credit for a new one (because ‘I could run away to England at any time and take it with me’. Ha!) and that was a very good thing in hindsight. We found Acer netbooks in the supermarket for just over $300. We bought one and I love it! Means I have net access another place to back up all my manuscripts and I can also sneak off to the kitchen or garden when I need to write. To top it all off, the laptop now works again! Yay!


Any regular readers to this blog (and it’s a miracle they’re out there) will know that I usually class great news as a short story sale or the signing of a novel contract. This put things in perspective.

A few weeks ago (later in day after the last blog, as I recall) my papers from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship arrived. My permanent visa was granted! Yes, when I sell something writing-wise it’s great, but it pales in comparison to being allowed to stay in the same country as my partner and children.

With that hurdle out of the way, it’s time to look at the next: a bigger house and more money! Fingers crossed because…


As previously mentioned one of the top Australian literary agents requested a full manuscript from me with the view of possible representation. She now has a copy of Australian horror novel The Forgotten in her PO Box.

Hard copy. Been a while since I did one of those. Not much fun printing off a 520 page book, packaging it and posting off the whole caboodle for mucho $$$. But these things need to be done. The dice have to be rolled, or else why play? So the agent has the book, and my nerves? On a scale of 1 to 10 it’s bicycle clip time.

I’m confident with the quality of the manuscript, and think it will come down to personal taste and whether it will be considered as marketable. I hope this agent has a strong stomach!


Great new that isn’t as great as the great news above, is that there’s been another short story sale. This time to Pseudopod, a well-followed audiozine. Never had one of my stories produced in audio before and released as a podcast, so it’s all very exciting. Contracts have been signed and I’ll post further news when I receive it.

The story is Broken Bough, a more personal and (dare I say it) grown up piece from me. A couple are trapped in their high-rise apartment during a global disaster, struggling with their own problems. They can’t get out, the walls are closing in and the baby won’t stop crying. A decision has to be made.

I’ve been trying to crack this market for a while. Over the moon with this hit.


Copied from the Necrotic Tissue blog…

Starting with the submission period in July, I have need of two people to help with submission for Necrotic Tissue. At NT, we have four submission periods each year (January, April, July & October). The current volume is approximately 500 submissions in that time frame. With the addition of these two people, we will have four people handling submission, so each would get about 125 over the month.

Our goal is to respond initially within two weeks to all writers with either a personal rejection (with at least one piece of feedback as to what could be improved), or a notification of making the Short List. At the end of the month, each associate editor is allowed only 12 stories in their short list. For the 15 days after submissions close, all associate editors read everyone else's short list and create a new revised list in order from best to worst in one of 4 categories (100-Word Bites, Flash up to 1,000 words, 1-3,000 and 3-5,000). We then meet on Skype for a BATTLE ROYAL CAGE MATCH. When the dust settles, we have chosen around 40,000 words of fiction and usually between 20-24 stories for the issue due out in 4.5 months (so the stories from July's reading period will be used to select stories for the issue coming out January 2011).

When stories come in, the Editor in Chief distributes them randomly so it is fare. Cronyism is not tolerated, so if you get a story from someone you know well, you should let the Editor know so someone else can read it.

For your hard work, you will get:
1. Credit as an Associate Editor
2. Invaluable experience that will help you as a writer and give you insight into the small press publishing world
3. A free subscription to NT (if you already have one, your subscription will get extended)
4. A discount on all NT products
5. The praise an admiration of your peers and family
6. And last but not least, a warm fuzzy feeling that comes with doing a great job and helping to put out a fantastic product.

1. Prior editing experience is preferred but not required
2. A great attitude and the ability to give actionable feedback
3. Skype
4. Must be reliable. I realize this isn't a paying gig, but if you agree to take the job, we expect you to be conscientious and complete your stories in the time allotted.

To apply, send me an email at rscottmccoy@necrotictissue.com . A resume and cover letter are not required and there is no "right" format, but please describe your writing and editing background and tell me why you are interested in the position and what you are looking to gain from the experience.

This means I’m now also the technical editor, so if any of you writers get an acceptance from Necrotic Tissue it’ll be my red pen that will be going to work!

We look forward to considering any potential applicants but please, as Scott has said in the post, only apply if you’re committed. Working for NT has its rewards, but it’s a lot of hard work with heaps of reading involved. Think carefully, but if you think this is the thing for you, we’d love to have you on board!

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