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Sunday, April 04, 2010

A quickie: Easter and competition winner.


<Bit of fun - Name the Easter-themed film!

I didn't know it was today until last night, and that's the truth. Would I have been a bad father to deny my children Easter eggs for another week? I know what you're thinking: Yeah, Dan, like they would've lasted a week with you prowling around the fridge area!

No. Seriously. They would have. I tried a chocolate rabbit. I would be doing them a favour to throw the whole lot out. Cheap chocolate has an after taste of urine.

RESULTS...AND NOT OF MY STD APPOINTMENT (where it turns out turns out I do have a small, tiny di-)

Let's get the competition winner announced. I aimed for 50 entries in a week. Okay, so I didn't get that many, but 29 isn't that bad. Shame on you Critter's Bar, where not a single person entered. Named and shamed, Critter's Bar! I hope you can live with yourself.

There's a few entries I liked, such as this one from Jim Mcleod on Facebook:

"The orang o tang, for as long as they exist, there is at least one hairy ginger that is uglier than me"

and another that tickled my fancy, this time from Kent Allard, also on Facebook:

"The cockatrice. It's got a funny name."

You can't go wrong with a nob joke, can you?

This entry from Cogito over at Writing Forums was in the running, just for the sheer effort and complexity:

"I don't have a particular favorite. But Doctor Who had a creature I enjoyed immensely in an episode called "Blink": The Weeping Angels, also called the Lonely Assassins. They were "quantum-locked", only capable of movement when not being observed. When looked upon by any sentient creature, they existed only as stone. They kept their own eyes covered lest they gaze upon one another by accident. When unobserved, they could move quickly, and if they touched you, they could send you to another time, stealing the energy of the life you would have lived in your own time.

It was a beautifully creepy concept, guaranteed to make you look nervously at statues for days."

We received a wide spectrum of entries with this at one end and the nob joke at the other! All welcome.

Here's our winner. The idea appealed to me (I've written a novel dealing with the concept back in '07) and I found it very elegantly stated.

So the winner of the signed copy of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #43 (although it's more a small book), goes to Damien Walters Grintalis for this:

"My favorite monster is the human variety. So many dark things can linger behind the guise of normalcy, from a serial killer's twisted need to destroy to a slippage of the real as the mind falls into the waiting arms of madness. The human monster can be anyone--the boy next door, the man at the end of the block, the person lying in the bed next to you, or perhaps it is the face you find in the morning mirror."

Well done, Damien. If you would like to email your address (or where ever you want the magazine delivering) to my admin at my site admin@danielirussell.com, we'll get one sent over to you. Please state if you just want it simply signed (for eBay if I get famous) or a personal note.

And if anyone would like to order one for the low price of AUS$8.95 + postage, shoot the admin an email too.


For today's blog post. I got so much on writing wise, my head's spinning! Be good, and I'll see you all next week.

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