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Saturday, March 27, 2010



Howdy folks.

Once again, sorry for the inconsistent blog entries. Things have been HECTIC here. After the Western Australian College of Teaching finally pulled their finger out of their arse and renewed my membership, I've been allowed to work again. Whoohoo! Means my bank account drought may be coming to an end. Also have more fulltime-permanent work on the horizon, which is great. Let me at those chemicals!

On top of that, this week I've had informal requests for a couple of short stories for upcoming publications and tentative discussions about a possible poetry collection (I'm writing this before heading to the library to bone up on different styles. Might also get some things out on serial killers and medical procedures for added inspiration). I've also been finishing the first round edits of The Forgotten, which eventually came in at around 92,000 words. Oh, and the last of the tech edits for Necrotic Tissue #11. So yes. Hectic.

But the big boost was that my copies of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #43 arrived this week. Great stuff, and as you can see above, my Bunyip story 'By the Banks of the Nabarra' made the cover. A very big high point in my writing career thus far, and I cannot recommend this magazine enough. The submission process is top notch.

For potential readers to get a hold of a copy (and there's a decent amount of my story in there, a whopping 34 pages as well as the other amazing pieces - including one written by my good friend Victorya) we have several options.

Buy from the magazine direct at www.andromedaspaceways.com (although...they haven't updated the site since the last issue so you may have to wait awhile), buy a signed copy via paypal from my site www.danielirussell.com. Visit the store. It should be up there in the next few hours. Or finally, should you live local to Manji Towers, I'm in the process of convincing the book store in Manjimup Newsagency to stock a few copies. Magazine's only AUS$8.95.

Or alternatively...


According to David Kernot, the editor of ASIM#43:

"'By the Banks of the Nabarra' is a truly reflective piece of Australian culture."

That's why I chose to write about a bunyip, I wanted something uniquely Australian, and it's always been one of my favourite creatures.

For a chance to win a signed copy of ASIM#43, simply leave a message either here, on Facebook, Goodreads, etc stating what YOUR favourite monster is and why. Best answer, whether it makes me laugh or makes me ponder, will be picked on Saturday 3rd April (Aussie future Saturday!).


And isn't it stunning? Colour scheme goes well with the cover above.

Just a quick mention that the next issue of Necrotic Tissue has been proofed and is currently with the printers ready for shipping in the first week of April.

And yes, that name on the cover is Bram Stoker nominee JEFF STRAND, author of Pressure and Dweller among others. I'm a big fan of the gleefully macabre (!) Mr. Strand and it's an honour to feature him in this issue. #11 also sees the fruits of our submissions process and countless editorial meetings. I can't wait to read all these great stories again.

Check out our slightly revamped site www.necrotictissue.com for subscription/single issue purchasing information!

And with NT business, submissions open once more for the month of April only. I'm the chief editor for this one (bites nails). Send in your BEST. We're dying to read it.

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