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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A blog. Like a golb, but a bit backwards


Don't expect the usual happy-go-lucky horror blog this week. I'm sat here with a head ache today after spending the day at the computer.

In the Necrotic Tissue virtual office, head editor R. Scott McCoy has handed the reigns temporarily to Bad Billy author John P Wilson, so he can lie in the hammock in his overly-grandiose office (think of the ballroom in Labyrinth), sipping mountain dew and reading the great reviews of his own book FEAST, from Shroud Publications. Alright for some. Mind you, the guy has been working flat out on NT for 3 years so deserves a change.

Thus, with his additional responsibilites, John passes on the job of technical editor to me for this period, and that's what I've been doing all day. It's rewarding, but hard on the eyes, like looking in the mirror when I get out the bath (eurgh!). I close my eyes and see commas and scene breaks and too many uses of the word was (only kidding authors that are in the mag...this isn't the slush pile anymore!). I now have the ultimate respect for those people that do this every day for their job. I hope you get optical cover in your contracts of employment!

I need to relax...perhaps have a lie down and read a book. NOOOO! The words! The commas! Was was was!


This is on the back of us proof reading the April issue (#10) this week. Yes, lots and lots of work done for Necrotic Tissue over the last few days. The virtual office is tense. We all have to make our own cuppas and can't all go for a drink come Friday afternoon...and Friday afternoon hits us all at different times anyway! Sheesh!

Is it all worth it? Seriously?

Buy an issue, or better yet a subscription at www.necrotictissue.com. It will answer that very question.


Or...new book covers.

The head editor of Voodoo Press. Michael Preissl, has this week revealed the covers to the German editions of my books Samhane and Come Into Darkness, which are to be released later this year.

And I'm sure you'll agree that they're very good! When I asked a few people that read the original ebook of Samhane what they wanted to see on the cover, they all said the same thing. Evil clown! Despite Chuckles the Clown not being a main character, he certainly is one of the nastiest and thus earns his notorious place on the cover, gazing out through the storm clouds across the rooftops of Samhane. And the feedback we've got back so far has been very positive!

Also, we have to the right the German edition of Come Into Darkness (Komm in die Dunkelheit...which over at the Skullvines Press forum, earned me the name Daniel 'Dunkelheit' Russell! Cheeky bastards, but at least Dunkelheit means darkness, and not cheesy chicken schnitzel or anything). While a simpler concept, we have something dark, subtle and atmospheric.

I love these covers, and well and truly owe Mr. Preissl a good few beers for sorting them out.

For any German readers, the books will be available from www.voodoo-press.com as well as Amazon and bookshops. Why not visit the site and see what else is available? There's also an interview up of yours truly with Carsten Steenbergen of Phantastik Journal!

I'm off for a lie down in a darkened room...

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