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Monday, February 08, 2010



That year went quick, didn't it folks? This Friday sees one year since I stepped foot once again on Australian's golden soil (it's really more of a clay-ish red, but that doesn't quite work song wise...) and therefore, my visa runs out. Booo!

However, our long awaited permanent visa application has been sent to immigration this week, so we're watching the inbox and post box closely for any news. We hope we'll be fine, as we have well over the number of statements, photos, etc that are required. Hell, if couples who hardly seem to stand each other can get partner visas, our application should go peachy. Still, a bit scary that from the 12th onwards, the only thing that stands between me an illegal immigrant status is a post office receipt (shudders).

Special thanks to Rebecca, Suzanna, Michelle, Steve, Ammie and both sets of parents for your statements. It means a great deal to the family.


The new novel, The Forgotten, is finally finished! Yes, I know there was some films of this title (as I've just been informed) but screw it, they don't sound very interesting so I aim to beat the piss out of them with this book (fat chance). This was the fastest novel I've written at around 10 months. It might not seem too fast to some, but with parental visits for a few weeks, hospital stays for weeks also and a new baby, I've never really had a good, clean run at it. The first draft comes in at around 97, 000 words, so will need a bit of a trim in the rewrite.

At the moment, the manuscript has been put into its 6 week incubation while I finish up some short pieces and wrap up Necrotic Tissue business for the quarter (more on that in a tick). I'm actually raring to go on the edits...and I hate edits.

And I know I said it before on Facebook, but Jeez, this is the goriest book I've written. Yes, even more gory than Samhane. At points, even I was thinking that this might be too much (for a split second). Perhaps I can get it out to some prelim readers after the rewrite and get some opinions.

I wish I could tell you more, like perhaps, what the book is about? But until we're all done and official, I like to keep my cards close to my chest. My partner and editor (that's two people, not the same one. I bet R. Scott had a minor flinch then. Secret's safe!) seem to like it, but they haven't read the visceral 2nd half...

And yes, something else that was finally finished this week. R. Scott McCoy, John P Wilson and myself finally got to another end of a Necrotic Tissue reading period. I think this time we got about 450 submissions over 31 days, so as always, it's a relief to know we have our editorial meeting next week.

Each of our shortlists are done and we're currently reading each other's selected pieces. So if you still haven't heard from us, we're getting to the crunch. Sincerest good luck to all involved. Our magazine is going from strength to strength (did you get #9 there? Beautiful piece of work, if I do say so myself. Cover by the excellent Nick Rose). Check out Necrotic Tissue for reasonable single issues and subscription details.


Before I go, and for those who haven't got their complete Daniel I Russell fix this week (and who can blame them? The asylum only allows half an hour internet time per week...and it's bloody hard to type in a site address in those jackets), you can take a look at my interview with German website, Phantastik Journal here. Yes, it's in German, which is great if you speak it. If not, you can read the same interview in English right here. The interview mentions my FREE chapbook from the download section of danielirussell.com, and downloads have shot up this week. Thank you to those with the time to send me the positive feedback. It's greatly appreciated.

And a big, big thank you to Torsten, who not only was the translator for my story to appear in the forthcoming Voodoo Press anthology, but is also translating Samhane, Come Into Darkness and another short for another anthology! He must be getting so sick of my work by now! Thank you, Torsten.

Not much news this week, true, but I have a feeling there will be at least something on the horizon for next week. Thankfully it's not an iceberg, or a shark.

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