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Friday, January 29, 2010



If you can ignore the imposing, and frankly quite unsettling, image of Skullvines Press honcho Jerrod Balzer trying to stick a tongue in his ear, one might ask, who is this confused looking man...and what is he holding?

I'll tell you for who. That there is one and only bestselling horror author Brian Keene, the writer of The Rising, Castaways and the new release, Urban Gothic.

And what is he holding? Why, it's only a brand new copy of hot-off-the-press book Tabloid Terrors 3! The Skullvines boys took a cart load of all three volumes to Visioncon this last weekend and they sold like Catcher in the Rye this week (but on a severely lesser scale). Bit weird having an established horror maestro holding a book you're in. Like I said on the Skullvines forum "Look! His little finger's nearly on my name!" Hehe. I hope Brian and all the other readers enjoy this warped little collection of National Enquirer meets crap scrawled on men's room walls kind of book. My copies are on the way, and I can't wait to read the other stories! Should you be interested, and who would be, then check out the store at www.skullvines.com. You may need latex gloves, or alternatively, wash your hands after each reading.


I don't tend to give writing tips out that often, as I feel that it's all been said before, but I'm going to change that for once this week. Yes, I may be repeating myself to things I've said to people before, and this is common knowledge, but here we go...

Your friends and family will always love your writing. Yes, even if it sucks. They will say how great it is and crap like 'You wrote this? I thought it was Stephen King!"

Join a forum. Submit your work. No one writes a great story every time and ultimately, YES! YOU WILL WRITE A CRAPPY STORY SOMETIMES!

I'm man (hang on - yes, I am) to admit I don't sell everything. I get rejections, and at times, some are quite cutting. I've been in the game enough to take a rejection on the chin for the most part, and even when things are a bit nasty in said rejection, I have a moan to fellow writers via Skype, etc, but this is mostly done tongue in cheek. Like I touched on just above, I have my thick skin.

I just wish some people had theirs.

I would never, ever dream about replying to a rejection with abuse. It's like these people on American Idol that beg and then argue after they get the no. What are they going to say? Oh, you know, you're right after all! What the fuck was I thinking? By arguing, you completely changed my opinion of you. It's a YES YES YES! Let's be best friends and have a sleepover...

Nope. It won't happen. It's detrimental to you personally and as a writer. Being rejected is part of the job. I was rejected by a magazine this week. They didn't stab me. They didn't spit on my shoes. They certainly didn't insult me personally in any way. I thanked them, put a X in my subs log and looked for another market to submit to. It's just that easy!

I feel I'm having to grow a second thick skin. An editorial thick skin, as some writers don't really think a gracious acceptance of a rejection is on the cards. We're occasionally attacked for our decisions, and challenged over our personal feedback. It's hard, and at times, yes, our feelings do get hurt.

This isn't me trying to make life easier for us editors. I just want to say hey, before you hit send, what will arguing with an editor really achieve?

Necrotic Tissue #9 is our right now at www.necrotictissue.com and Amazon, and all these stories are finger lickin' good!


Tuesday saw my first ever Australia door. Booze, BBQ and, well, something to wash it down with. Like booze.

A good time was had by all, except that when you go to buy beer, don't always go for what's on offer. I bought this Mexican style stuff that had lime and salt in it. It was like drinking fizzy sea water. Mmm. Not the best decision. And as I bought a block of it, I've had to drink the stuff all week! Poor me. Finally I've developed a taste for it...and now there's only 3 left! Alas Australia Day, you are a cruel mistress.


Just a quick mention and salute to one of my oldest buddies in the bidness (as in I've know for a while. He's not 275 years old or anything) Johnny Mains, who sees his double page article on The Pan Book of Horror (and he's the very same creator of the Pan inspired anthology, Back From the Dead: www.nooseandgibbetpublishing.com) appear in the current issue of SFX, which just so happens to be a horror special. Free badges.

Be sure to check it out if you happen to see one. I'm getting one sent over from the UK. Cheers mum!

To all my loyal followers...I'll see you both next week. Adios mes amigos! (Drink better beer)

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