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Monday, December 14, 2009

Sucky sucky things, Festive Fear and good deeds by a bad writer


Woke up this morning to find an email from Jerrod Balzer, one of the editors over at Skull Vines Press (and the artist of that stunning rendition of Vulva, the Albino Nympho Alien Lesbian from the upcoming Tabloid Terrors 3: Alien Perverts Wrecked my Pubes. How many of you can to this page to see what THAT was all about, eh? You sicken me.), requesting a meeting. We agreed 10am Aussie time, which gave me chance to help Sherie sort out the kids and the baby, all the time worrying about what he wanted.

See, there's quite a few presses having to cut down on the number of books they're releasing, due to the economic climate, work load, etc. They've had one of my novella submissions, a nasty piece called Fear of the Dark, for quite sometime. Taking on a few moderately big small press names like Shane Moore and Wrath James White, I was told to expect a decision sometime in 2010, due to their workload. I was expecting a NO decision, without them even reading all of the manuscript, for the same reason (nothing personal there, boys) as others: too many books, too little time to get them out without letting quality slide.

This ain't no cowboy operation. Yes, you presses that seem to release crappy anthologies every other week. I'm talking to you!


Anyhoo, so I'm worrying about this upcoming meeting and then get another email, this time from Tasmaniac Publications (one of the very few horror publishers here in Australia. Trust me, I've looked). Tasmaniac have just released the horror anthology, Festive Fear, which is selling out FAST where ever it is sold (here's the review from the Australian Horror Writers' Association: www. ozhorrorscope.blogspot.com/2009/11/book-review-festive-fear.html. Festive Fear is available here www.horror-mall.com and here www.jeffnjoys.co.uk. Move fast, as it has SOLD OUT everywhere else!).

Submissions opened for next year's edition, and I was mad keen to get in. Well, I'm shortlisted with my horror/humour piece, It Comes But Once a Year (or as it's known by friends on Facebook, 'The Spunk Story'). I stand a good chance of getting in and getting my hands on that $50 payment, which can help to fund next year's Christmas splurge-athon. Honestly, with three kids, I think it was a choice between Christmas presents or a down payment on a beachfront 5 bedroom...

THE MEETING...(bites fingernails)

The editor in chief at SVP, SD Hintz, had read the novella and offered me a contract. Whoo hoo! The deal shits all over anything I've had previously, and is on par with my upcoming agreement for Samhane with Stygian Publications. Gonna be a good year in 2010. Great to be on the roster with Shane and Wrath as mentioned above, as well as Michele Lee, Garry Charles and L L Soares.

We just need to think of another title, as Fear of the Dark is the same title as an Iron Maiden song, which as Jerrod pointed out, means potential readers having to possibly search through the Iron Maiden stuff to find it. We felt that SD's suggestion, Fear of the bit you know when they go down into that dark room and there's slime on the walls and those sucky sucky things come out might be a tad long, nor were we keen on the abridged version, Fear of the Sucky Sucky Things, which I believe was the original title of the Twilight saga, which is a bit silly. I mean, to like Twilight, you're obviously not afraid of things that suck. Ah, you'll agree with me when you reach your twenties...




And to top it all off, I just had an ice cream and have a cold can of coke chilling in the fridge. Bliss on a super hot day like today. Good times! It was 99 degrees here yesterday, so we took the kids swimming. I did the whole dunking Tobin under the water thing. He took it really well, but shot me a glare he could only have got from his mother (bless 'er. She normally has a joking go at the little comments I put in here about her. Yup honey, it was quite minor this week).

Off topic, I just looked out the window to see our motorbike post lady being chased by another motorbike. Hope she's ok...

What else has happened. Oh, Necrotic Tissue #9 is nearly ready to go out the door to subscribers and single issue readers. Interview with Joe R Lansdale is entertaining and insightful (when is the man not?) and R. Scott McCoy gives readers the inside scoop on what was this year's Context convention. Stuck for xmas gift ideas? Get a Necrotic Tissue subscription. A year for a mere $20! www.necrotictissue.com.

I also helped my father in law to scrub down and paint and elderly neighbour's house. While I can't agree on the colour (canary yellow?) it was hard, rewarding work. It's nearly Christmas. Can you think of a person who needs something doing and is unable to do so? Do a nice thing. Especially for the older folks.



See you next week. Can Dan survive the stress? Can he cope with watching any more dvds in the classroom for the final week? (Although Howl's Moving Castle was great!) Can the purchase of yet more gifts bankrupt/kill him?


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