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Sunday, October 18, 2009

And now over to Daniel I Russell for the weather. Daniel?

First off, I'd like to thank you, dear people, who read and follow this rambling blog. It's up to something like 373 followers at the mo, which in my eyes, ain't bad, so thank you.

If you're not a follower on NetworkedBlogs, I think there's a fancy widget on the right of the page. You can make an antisocial horror writer very happy... This is currently the #3 horror blog thanks to you guys.


I really thought it was the big day on Wednesday. We had an ultrasound. By we, I really mean Sherie. Guy wouldn't have seen much in my abdomen apart from a couple of coffees and a few squares of Cadbury's Rocky Road. I like it when I call the dude 'the ultrasound guy', as Sherie refers to him as the sonagrapher. When I ask what a sonagrapher does, the response I get is that he's the guy that does the ultrasound.


Wednesday, Sherie had contractions. This was in the middle of week 34, two weeks longer then she'd previously gone on for (Personal best! Whoohoo!). The ultrasound showed that she wasn't in labour BUT the sonagrapher (the ultrasound guy) said we HAD to see our doctor asap. Would he tell us why? No. Just kept replying, 'you need to speak to your doctor. He'll get my report on Friday.'

After two nervous days, we finally got to speak with our doctor, who is a pleasant fella from South Africa. He's so apologetic when he has to examine Sherie. We always joke that he says 'I'm going to examine you now. By examining, I mean, I won't be raping you. Again, this is not a rape.'

He read the report and...drumroll...everything is fine! That was it. Two days of frantic worrying to be told that everything is fine. Go figure. A few more days of minor contractions and things have gone back to normal. Still pregnant.


Which is bad for Sherie seeing that the good weather's finally here. It's early spring and the heat is in the mid eighties. Welcome to Australia, cobber!

It's both good and bad. The birds can go outside, which is good because Tibby (green) keeps kicking Billy (blue). Seriously, that budgie has some full on kung-fu skills. Think I might film it and become one of those You Tube millionaires. Will keep me in Rocky Road and beer for a few weeks.

The house smells of barbecue and suntan lotion, ie, of holidays! Hard to get into the swing of finishing the latest novel with the temptation of water fights, cold beers and NERF.

Plus, the neighbours have half of town around everyday because they have an inflatable pool thing. Whenever one of us goes out in our garden, all these little kids climb the fence and look over. I'm still UK pasty (apart from the arms and face now) so wouldn't mind getting some sun on my milky white chest, but I'm not going to sunbathe with a good book with the Australian equivalent of The Goonies staring at me. It's like when you're on a bus and some little kid in front of you turns around and watches all the journey. Like that, yeah, but you have your shirt off (shudders).


Well a bit. Novel is up to 60k and I also took the time to write a bizarro short. The novel is really hotting up now with a lengthy finale. I just need to get stuck in.


Went smoothly and was drawn by our resident dwarf clown as pictured above. If you missed it (and all winners have been notified), here's the list of names drawn:

Tressa (Goodreads)
Kody Boye (Facebook)
Jamie Boyt (Facebook)
John Wilson (Facebook)
Stephen Maginis (Facebook)
Selena Robbins (Facebook)
Scott Colbert (Facebook)
Todd Banks (Facebook)
Dreadlocksmile (Goodreads)
Juile (Goodreads)

Congrats to the winners and hope you enjoy your read of Samhane. Hopefully there will be Goodreads reviews that will be linked in the very near future.

I think that's my lot for now. Should see you all next week. Will the baby be here by now? Place your bets please...

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