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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Not often I say this...a good day!

I'm a lazy bastard. Just to save time, I'm going to do a rare midweek blog, just to keep those who're interested up to date.

Today was a day we've been lucky to see, yet, things have been a little on edge of late. Around 8 weeks ago, we thought we'd never see the final ultrasound, what with Sherie going into labour and us with a 50/50 chance of things going...well...badly. But here we are. There were still dangers though. At 28 weeks, our doctor believed we would be lucky to get through 3 more.

The ultrasound today revealed that the amount of amniotic fluid is fine. Baby's position is fine. The blood flow is fine. The cervix is closed and not at a threatening thinness. All in all, everything is as we could have hoped, and we should get a few more weeks of pregnancy yet. Again. October 26th is the golden date we have to reach to avoid a trip to Perth, and for Sherie to have her friends and family around her.

The day maintained a high standard after the ultrasound. We drove into Manjimup and paid the bills. A trip into the newsagent/bookshop revealed that Manjimup has Leisure Fiction! I bought Castaways by Brian Keene and The Golem by Edward Lee. Lovely stuff. Shame that a little research showed I could have got them cheaper online...from the UK! This is a result of the import restrictions that Aussie writers want to keep.

Next, a bit of real Aussie hard work at the inlaws. By Aussie hard work, I mean something manual that you can do while drinking! My father in law and me were mulching up the trees the power company made them chop down after they started to interfere with the overhead cables. Was it sensible to operate a machine with a whirling circular blade while drinking tinnies? Well, I'm typing this quite fluidly, so I'm not missing any digits.

Just been a lucky day, I guess.

Next, back into town. You feel like a true parent while going through the ordeal of shoe shopping for the kids. At least the baby won't need shoes. For a while. I think all sales of Samhane are now going into the kids-need-shoes appeal. The kids being mine.

And now I'm writing this while eating devilled pasta and meatlover pizza.

What a brilliant day.

The current WIP is now at 46k and cooking nicely. Just need to plan the next few chapters before work continues. Here's a snippet from the last chapter:

He stared at Dallas, wishing the old cocksucking Texan might suddenly drop dead; a heart attack brought on from too much steak and beer, y’all.

Nothing personal against Texans. It's just characterisation!

See you at the weekend.

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