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Saturday, September 05, 2009


Blog attempt 2 (the last one somehow became a random spiral of bitterness, so was deleted. If only the human psyche was as easy to control as this here blogger dashboard...)

It has been the craziest week here at Manji Towers. The roller coaster was open for business with no height or weight restrictions, unlike the Disney/Alton Tower Nazis. The beginning of the week was the dip. So so low. Bad things happening. Bills all came in at once (including the phone bill from the period of Sherie's hospital stay). Our boy needs extensive dental surgery. In the words of the womanising ginger, money was , indeed, too tight to mention. The work wasn't coming in either. Things could not have been worse.

We found out otherwise when the car broke down. Sigh.

So what became of black Sunday/Monday/Tuesday?


The first bit of good news was an email from Library of the Living Dead Press. Editor Rhiannon Frater has chosen my WWII story, A Picture Tells, for the upcoming witch-themed antho, Tales From the Cauldron. Chuffed over this one because:

a) WWII? What the hell do I know about WWII that isn't from Blackadder Goes Forth? I had to research and this was the first time I've had a proper go at writing horror in a completely different setting. I like the current time and place. I like to mention eBay and iPods and other things with oDd cApitalisation. I guess the research paid off.

and b) I wrote this story specifically for this anthology. That's a gamble, because a rejection hurts all the more. Also, with a themed antho, you tend to see a flurry of that theme submitted to other publications straight after (ie, the rejections or those that failed to make the deadline). So it's a harder sell after writing to a set theme.

Currently waiting for the cover to post for this and a final contents list. Watch this space.

WE DON'T NEED NO EDUCATION (well, obviously you do, because of that negative confusion there)

*Author's note: Apologies to R. Scott McCoy and Zombie Zack for having a pop at the 'Floyd.

After 6 long, frustrating months of being caught in red tape, I finally got the call I wanted on Wednesday, and I was back in the classroom on Friday.

Subjects taught:

Japanese (seriously. Japanese. I'm from Wigan)
Stone and Water (or as I call it, falling off a chair 101. Blindfold optional)
Girl's hockey (a sport so brutal, there'll probably be a sci fi film about it)

I guess having young kids has made me a better teacher. I say teacher, I mean disciplinarian. YES! It's fun to shout at children. Try it. It's a great stress reliever. I'm back at the same school next week (and joking aside, the staff and pupils were great and made me feel very welcome. I haven't taught in 5 years and I think I managed to pull it off. I do this every day, kids. Really.)


Yes. I'm going to hide it. I'm going to hide it where you'll never find it...like under my pillow - my stepson considers where to hide his Father's Day gift.

Pupil: Sir, can you speak Japanese?
Mr Russell: A little. Tokyo. Saki. Sushi...erm...ninja?

AC/DC suck. Holden suck. Aussie rules suck - important to get off on the right foot with a class full of Australians...

Sorry for the substandard blog. I'm too damn cold to put any proper thought into it this week. Where's the promised Springtime? Bah.

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