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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Perfection, Samhane (not related, far from it), question for Facebook users and this week's quotes!

I haven't done a proper blog for a while (I tend to say 'I'll write this chapter and then do my blog' but that never pans out) so may I request you stay a while longer?


For a while back there, I was stuck in a rotting routine that just seemed to drag on and on. This was when I lived back in the UK. There'd never be enough money to do half the things I'd want to do, I found it hard to write on a regular basis, I did the same things every damn day. I felt like an old geezer in a home...that still had to go into the office every day.

Probably one of the many reasons I wanted to go somewhere. See the world (there were many, many more reasons, as anyone who knows me will testify).

Yet in an update to the life and death post, things have returned to normal here at Manji Towers. Sherie has been back from the hospital for just over two weeks now. She's fine, if not better then before. She doesn't seem to get as many of the pains as she did before her stay in hospital, apart from our ultra-active baby that seems to be trying to break free of her uterus in a Ramsey Campbell The Doll That Ate it's Mother stylee. Yes, that's write. Baby is still in the oven and is perfectly fine, if not annoying. I feel better too, as this proved to be a test run for the birth. I know I can do the four hour drive to Perth (even through the pitch black night roads of the SW Aussie countryside...but one more month for the Perth-Bunbury Highway to open AHEAD of schedule. Fuck you, British builders!) and I know I can find the hospital. And parking.

Parking's the hardest part.

"Do you want to cut the umbilical, Mr Russell?"

"Sorry...I gotta go move the car. My ticket's up..."

And back to the point, things have returned to normal. Sherie's home, the routine's back in place, and after the trips to Perth and the resulting phone bill from the 2-3 week stay away from home...there's barely enough money left to do much (beer) and I do the same thing every day.

And I'm very, very happy about it!

Which reminds me. I know some of you none-writers may think of us as arty types who sit around all day tapping out the odd word, sipping cappuccinos and dicking around on Facebook. Well, you'd be right, but I also envisioned writers to have money to burn and a single sale is a drop in the ocean. Rest assured avid reader, this is not the case here in Manji Towers. Every sale this month means something special to me. That's right. Every single one. For each copy of Samhane sold, a couple of dollars is going towards the mountainous phone bill. Donations welcome.


See what I did there? Good link! I should write for early morning television.

Thanks once again to Jim Mcleod for his sparkling vampire, I mean, sparkling review of Samhane over at the British Horror Novels forum. Feel free to join. It's free, there's a good bunch of readers over there that know their stuff, and the admin Ian Woodhead...well, if you join you'll meet him. Take a look at www.britishhorrornovels.proboards.com, and if you'd be so kind, include the spangly banner above to your sites, myspaces, et al.

Samhane sales are still trickling in, constant, like a water torture but with a better finale. If you're considering purchasing a copy, may I suggest www.wildchildpublishing.com for your pdf needs, or, if you're a kinky kindle or perverted pda abuser, take a look over at www.fictionwise.com. Whatever you use, buy a handy pack of Kleenex too as I'm sure you'll get vomit/spunk/quim all over it, depending on taste and sex. Hell, try for all three, make a weekend of it.

DISCLAIMER: www.daniel-i-russell.blogspot.com, www.danielirussell.com and, indeed, Daniel I Russell himself take no responsibility for broken ebook readers following any surge of bodily fluids. In fact, this site promotes safe reading. Encase your e-reader in rubber.

Yes, you poor new blog visitor. This is about the level it gets.


The new novel is cooking nicely, now at 31k. Trying a new planning system with this one after comments regarding Shutterbug, and I think it's paying off. Real nasty little bugger this one, with so many twists and turns, I'm going to need to steer it as steady and true as Charon himself, rowing his boat across the River Styx. But the question is...

Do any of you care?

I see writers post these updates all the time on Facebook, and I always think, who cares? I couldn't give a frig if you're on 20k, 40k or 250k.

But then why do I post these updates?

So, should writers, ie, me, bother to post new novel updates? Think it might be more interesting to post what I had for lunch...


Our 3 year old daughter, while holding up a bikini top: "BOOBERANGS!!!"

Worryingly, the kids' dentist: "Where are my Pedo glasses?"

My childish tantrum: "I hate drinking out of this this mug. The handle's weird" (This one started some debate on Facebook. I agree with writer Ian M Faulkner, women have shoes, men have mugs).

Ah look, my cappuccino has arrived. Time to hit the writing.

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