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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Up to my eyeballs in...?

By the hammer of Thor...has it really been 2 weeks since I blogged? Shameful. Although things have been quite hectic at Manji Towers over the last fortnight. Allow me to waffle:


As some of you may know, I am an associate editor at Necrotic Tissue (www.necrotictissue.com). Our new reading period of July is open, and the subs have come pouring in. Literally. Its like that scene in the first Harry Potter movie where the letters come shooting out the fireplace, letterbox and every other available orifice. We have received RECORD numbers, for example, over 100 stories within the first 5 days of being open. Head editor R. Scott McCoy, fellow associate John Wilson and myself are working round the clock (no? Well it feels like it at times!) to get your stories read in good time. We have an impressive return time compared to other horror fiction markets, and that, along with personal feedback, make us THE horror writer's magazine. A year's subscription is only $20 US, and the magazine is a damn good looking one. Please stop by and have a look around the site.

On a personal note, if you are thinking of submitting to Necrotic Tissue, PLEASE read the guidelines! In addition, as the story is to be pasted into the email, ensure all that text is broken up into nice readable paragraphs. And if you write a vampire/zombie/serial killer story...it best be a bloody good one!


The short story drought is over (which is good considering I'm coming to the end of a new batch). 'By the Banks of the Nabarra', a story about an abused mother, a failed murder attempt and an Australian legend, has been accepted by Australian Spec magazine, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. I'm very happy with this one, especially as the story comes in at 14, 000 words: my biggest short story sale (and cheque!) up to now. Watch out for this one in 2010, available from the website (www.andromedaspaceways.com) or from a whole bunch of Australian retailers. It's gonna be on shelves, folks! (I've always considered it as the Aussie Shroud)

I'm in a short kinda mood. My latest Brian Rathbone (of Samhane fame) escapade - known by friends as 'the spunk story' - has been subbed, as has a weird little thing about a clown on a desolate beach. SD Hintz and Jerrod Balzer at Skullvines Press have my lesbians from space story, and I'm hearing good things, so fingers crossed. Just finished a new story called 'A Picture Tells' set in WW2. Have I pulled it off? I don't know. We'll see.


We had an ultrasound last week and at 5 months, lil' pome is doing well. It has the right number of limbs, fingers, toes, etc and all the organs are working as they should. Heart beat is normal. In fact, things couldn't be going any better (touch wood). We've even picked the boy and girl names, thank CHRIST! (The caps there are a show of relief, not a hint to the child's name...)

Oh, and we got a budgie. It's a transexual budgie. It was formerly a girl but suddenly went manly over night, so its owner Nikki offered the feathered little blighter to us as she needed a female for breeding. We call it Billy, after the SAW puppet on the desk.

THE KULT by Shaun Jeffrey

Had to mention this, especially after previous blog posts.

Harlan Corben, Simon Kernick and even Dean Koontz. What have they got in common? Gripping thriller writers? Yes. But also a little bit...pretentious in their writing. As in 'look how clever and twisty and turny this book is...'

The Kult is just as gripping, just as clever, but all smugness is thrown out the window. It reads like a novel version of films like Se7en, or even SAW. Nasty, vicious...and still intelligent.

I read this over a couple of days as the damn book refused to be put down. I suffered from 'just one more chapter syndrome', leading to one cold bath and possible damage to my full bladder on a few occasions. It's great to get the full package in a novel: break-neck plot, deep characterisation, impressive cover and spiffing author photo (hehe!). The ending has the wow factor and you will not be disappointed.

A stunning thriller from the author of Evilution and Voyeurs of Death. Keep 'em coming please, Mr Jeffrey!

Available from http://www.leucrotapress.com/Jeffrey.html


For any of you wondering where my proposed reports on foreign horror markets is, my apologies. It's still on its way, I'm just waiting on the interviews. Watch this space!

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