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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Insert amusing title here at a later date

The weekend has rocketed through to Tuesday once again and I remember that I didn't post a blog. If I'm this forgetful over a simple blog post, then God help me when the baby comes. I'll probably be that idiot who leaves the capsule on the car roof while he's dicking around with keys and a Costa coffee. Yeah, the guy who thinks he's real popular because everyone he passes is waving frantically at him...

Argh! Anyway, back to the present.

It's kinda worked in my favour leaving this a few days as the juicy stuff has only really happened in the last few days. Here we go again.


Yes, I've finally bit the bullet and have my own site now at danielirussell.com. It's basically like this, but has more stuff and isn't all on one page! We have a rather nifty store, my full selected bibliography (selected because who wants to know about some crappy none paying ezine that I sold a story to 9 years ago?), in depth biography and all the regular stuff. I was talking to Andrew Wolter about sites last week and he said that most writer websites mostly contain the same stuff. I've had a luck around and the guy knows what he's talking about!

One thing I am offering that might be a little bit different. Sure, there's a store, but I've never been one for a hard sale. My page isn't all adverts which push you to buy a copy of Samhane for example (Even though its a brilliant read. GO BUY!). You can go over there, have a shifty look around and leave with something FREE. That's right. FREE. No strings attached.

I'm offering a free download of the chapbook Fluffs. Just click here.

Why not enter the free competition? You could win a free download of Samhane (which is a brilliant read. GO BUY!). Details in the news section.

Right, that's me pimping the new site done. I need to find a permanent link on here somewhere but I'm sick of HTML!


My lesbian orgy story, Night of the Anals, has been fished out of the bowl by the boys at Skull Vines Press for inclusion in the acclaimed series Tabloid Terrors 3. This was by far the most fun I've ever had writing a story as anything...erm...went? Considering SVP publish 'anything the fuck they want' (and that's their slogan. Go and check the site if you don't believe me!) I think this is the ONLY publisher who would release such delicious sleaze. It's going to be a load of fun working with SD Hintz and Jerrod Balzer.


After my batch of recent short stories, I'm returning to the novel, but not Tainted Nature. Considering the state of the horror market, I think a novel at around 160, 000 words might be a tad too long and a tough sell.

Instead, I'm working on a novel called The Attraction (definitely a working title. I suck at titles) which I hope will come in at a sellable 80-90k. Not only that, I'm hoping to write it in under 2 months. So nice to have the drive to do this without the need of a competition to keep me plugging away! Anyway, the novel is 10k in and going well. Think this might be a bloody one gore fans!


Another trip to the doctor and another green light. Baby is doing well, despite giving my partner hell on a daily basis! It rarely stops moving and is one hell of a kicker at 5 months. Sweet Jesus, you don't suppose it's going to be...sporty, do you? No. It can't be. I love my children no matter what they choose to do in life...but sporty might be a trifle...challenging for dad.

Speaking of such things, we've started teaching our boy to read. It's as rewarding as I thought it would be, and not nearly as frustrating. I've not started him off on such great reads as Samhane (BUY NOW!) but simple phrases. He can read I am/have a dog (and it makes me giggle. I'm immature) and things around that: boy, cat, hat, etc. He'll be reading King's The Stand by the end of the year...

And on that note, it's nearly half six. Reading time before the boy goes to bed. Till next time folkerenos...

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