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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Feelings, Stoker Awards and the Ghost of Manji Towers

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You know, I've not posted anything over the weekend and kept thinking of all this stuff I wanted to discuss on here, yet now I have the time, I'm drawing a total blank. Shame.

For about two weeks, I had a really good feeling. I get it from time to time, and it raises me out of grump, as my partner calls it. It feels like something really good has happened but you haven't realised it yet. Like the first few seconds of Christmas morning when you were a kid.

"I'm sure there was something important about today...hmmm...oh! Christmas! Fuck yes!"

I like to think (and is there any better example of a writer's wishful thinking?) that something of mine has been picked up and I haven't received the email yet. I'm currently shortlisted at Midnight Echoes, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine and Bucket 'O' Guts Press, as well as all the other 'out theres'. As another day closes without any emails (obviously apart from 'Joe Bloggs wants to know which root vegetable best suits your personality on Facebook'), that feeling ebbs a little until, yes, I'm the grump again. Bah!

Not that it's been all doom and gloom in the writing world. Three friends are up for Stokers this year: Tim Deal, Jonathan Maberry and Fran Friel, and I wish them the best of luck. One of my most despised writers is also up for one (despised because he recommended that I quit writing after reading one line. One line!). There's no justice. Looking forward to receiving my signed copy of Mama's Boy direct from Fran next week too!

There's been no writing done here at Manjio Towers this week. It's been family and dvds all the way (and a day out to Bridgetown Park on Monday - bank holiday. Can't believe it was the first day of winter and I felt a little sick it was so hot! Well, it might have been the heat...or all the Cheezels I ate...or the spinning thing I went on at the park...). This week's movies were Snow Buddies (shit), City of Amber (didn't watch. I was reading instead), Ben 10 (shit), Dinotopia (partner watched 6 hours of this crap, but it had Freddy's daughter from Freddy's Dead in it), The Cottage (partner didn't like but I do), Slither (better then I remember. Has that great line "Now that is some fucked up shit" delivered to perfection!), MIB 2 (great as always) and Spiderman 2 (tonight's little treat). Listing them here helps me keep track when we discuss movies after hours at the Werepig.

Writing wise TODAY, have to start the line edits of Mother's Boys (eerily like Fran's book title, don't you think? But this was written in 2006/2007). God himself (R.Scott McCoy) has offered to take a look when I believe it's good enough to be sent out. What a guy! Let the subterranean battle between gang-bangin' party boys and deformed genetic freaks begin!

Oh, and finally, Sherie heard the shuffling feet of the ghost of Manji Towers this week. I'm not going crazy!

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