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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Scandal and Stokers

Ah, this blogging on a weekly basis is much better. Behold the accrued news!


No, no. This isn't a new book and not a spin off from my 2007 novella. This is the 2007 novella! The rights for this book were revoked at my request in January this year, and the publisher removed the download from their store. However, following a delayed advertisement in issue #60 of Cemetery Dance, I decided to look into things.

The book is still available to download through third party sites! I managed to purchase a copy to be sure my eyes weren't playing a really nasty trick.

If any of you were considering purchasing a copy, please hold back until I rectify the situation. The publisher is selling this book without holding any of the rights and any profits go to them. They are yet to respond to my emails. Watch this space for how things develop (Shutterbug pun there. Sigh...).


It's been a long time coming, but 2009 might see the start of some of my works being converted into screenplays ready for the big pitch. Discussions are underway with a screenplay writer (fresh off a Stephen King project) and an agreement currently being drafted. The stories selected for the potential conversion are Relish, Belvedere's House, Roots and (the ever troublesome!) Shutterbug.


It's that time again, and this weekend sees the Oscars for the horror writing community, the Bram Stoker Awards.

If you're as excited as me over this, make sure you watch the proceedings LIVE on the 13th June from around 8pm (PST) at http://www.stokers2009.com/. Again, the best of luck to my friends:

Tim Deal at Shroud for Beneath the Surface (Superior Achievement in an Anthology)

Fran Friel for Mama's Boys and Other Dark Tales (Superior Achievement in a Collection)
- A signed copy of which I received this week and am enjoying!

Jonathan Maberry for Zombie CSU (Superior Achievement in Nonfiction)

The Skullvines crew for Attack of the Two Headed Poetry Monster (Superior Achievement in Poetry)

Further details are available on the above link. Go on, guys!


It's been quite dull in the writing world at the moment. Currently editing another novel (last one, finally) ready for submission. Big thank you to R.Scott McCoy at Necrotic Tissue for helping out with advice for this one. We need to tidy it up and cut 10k words from somewhere. And Scott suggests more gore and violence! What a guy...

Manji Towers is full of sickies at the moment. I feel like the last survivor of a zombie infestation. The kids are the colour of the floaty vampire kid from the original Salem's Lot and have coughs and as they call them...spews. Our three year old did the ultimate 'I fucking told you so' by half filling a bucket with browny red vomit while I was accusing her of faking. (Forget the Stokers, I'm up for Father of the year 2009).

My partner is into week 16 of the merry world of pregnancy, so she's... Well, she's lovely as always and still rushing around and looking after us all (she reads this). We spent the morning doing financial sums and budgeting, etc. I think blood will be shed if either mentions tax, income or expenditure for the next week. Looking into the purchase of a pram, cot, etc this week, and Mr Grumpy Horror Writer is actually quite excited about this.

The ghost of Manji Towers, I think, is a child. With both kids sick and asleep in bed last night, something was running around in the lounge room and opened the door to the kitchen (it squeaks). Is this inspiration for my writing. No. It's annoying when it wakes you up at nearly 1am!

I think that's my lot for another week. Going to go wait by the mailbox for my copies of Necrotic Tissue #7 and Shaun Jeffrey's new novel, The Kult!

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