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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday Bloody Sunday

If this post is riddled with typos, it's because a) it's late and my contact lenses are fogging up, and b) this wireless keyboard needs new batteries. There's my excuses out before I get any 'and you're supposed to be a published novelist' comments.

Well, it's Sunday. Have I any news? Not really. Strap yourself in for a really exciting blog! Had a family weekend with no writing at all. Been through a host of family films: Small Soldiers (child horror! Yay! The communications soldier looked like something designed by Charles Band), Men in Black, Spiderman, Mouse Hunt (surprisingly very enjoyable) and Australia (which isn't authentic at all. There wasn't ONE Timtam featured).

We also had the pleasure of watching a short indie film called Bridgetown. Now Bridgetown is the next town from us, and we have relatives there, so was quite excited to watch this. It runs at only 15 mins, and was like the first 15 minutes of 28 Days Later (without the monkey lab scene at the very beginning). I was very impressed with it, despite the lack of action. Shot very well.

But alas, no writing. Want to get the first part of Tainted Nature finished this week and do a quick short. Had an idea of something that might work after all the shorts I've read for Necrotic Tissue this week. SOmething featuring everyone's favourite monster hunter (no, not her, the other one), Brian Rathbone of Samhane fame. Working title of Seed of Evil. Can't wait to get stuck in!

Again, please leave a comment or pm me on facebook if you want a link to your page listed on the left. Got a few I need to update, but it's far too late to start with HTML buggery.

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