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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pathetic Fallacy

A few more tweaks and the blog page is finally getting there. See the book covers along the right hand side there? They're all the same size now. I know, you're agasp at my technical skills...

What the hell happened to the great Aussie weather? The house has been buffeted by heavy winds, blasted by torential rain and there was a thunderclap in the night that made the bed shake. I don't really mind it, but the tree scraping the side of the house, the noise of bins blowing down the street and the dog barking at all this across the road is very distracting. Doesn't the weather know I have another novel to write?! (Multiple punctuations there, very unprofessional, but I'll let it slide this time). Hoping to get back to my current WIP and finish part 1 this week.

Oh! Things I forgot yesterday. If anyone would like me to provide a link to their website or blog, mail me at the address at the top of the page, or alternatively, message me through Facebook. I'll be happy to oblige. Secondly, I forgot to post the Creature Feature trailer.

Hope the weather's better where you are!

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