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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The bad smell returns...

It's good to be back. But then again, I haven't really been away anywhere. The domination of myspace and facebook allowed my attention of this place to dwindle and fade to nothing...

But thanks to the Ghost Writer Publications blogroll that linked to this page, I rediscovered it, cleared out the cobwebs and tumble weeds and decided to maintain its upkeep. If you're reading this, thank you sincerly for stopping by. Please leave a message so I know you stopped by.

And what a time to start all over again! It's been quite the week. Firstly, the sage-like R.Scott McCoy has made me the new submissions editor over at Necrotic Tissue. It's an exciting time, as the magazine crosses over from the hugely successful ezine to the world of print. I'm thrilled to be on board. I've followed this magazine closely since being featured in the debut issue way back when. Scott puts his heart into the mag (explains the meaty smell), and it shows.

I believe we're currently closed to submissions while we catch up on Mount Slushpile, but please feel free to visit the site by clicking on the link below.

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Should you feel flush, there's details of our subscriptions on the site also. Necrotic Tissue delivered straight to your door? Can't go wrong. A subscription or purchase of the EXCELLENT Malpractice: An Anthology of Bedside Terror also counts towards this year's Horror Bailout. Support your small presses!

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Other news is that of another anthology release, this time from Ghost Writer Publications. Creature Feature is available from 1st June and packs in 21 horrific stories from mythical beasts to killer moths. It's also a must have for Guy N Smith fans, who is the featured author. Watch this space for further news.

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There have been further developments in a few other projects (news to be revealed further down the line!) as well as away from the writing world. My partner Sherie and I were overjoyed to see our first child on the ultrasound again. At 13 weeks, it is quite an active little thing!

Oh, and before I go, be sure to check out the Funky Werepig on Blog Talk Radio, Sunday, 9pm EST.

Until next week...

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